11 Ways to Reverse the Millennial Curse

11 Ways to Reverse the Millennial Curse

When was the last day you didn’t see an advertisement? Seems like it’s become the norm, to have our attention split in so many ways. And when you’re placed in this society by default from the day you were born, it’s inevitable it’s going to have an effect on us.

Distraction is a killer. When our minds are focused in too many places at once, we slowly approach our goals, rather than facing them head-on. Kick your bucket lists’s ass and conquer that baby with these 11 steps, best enjoyed whenever you feel like:


1. Cherish your focus.

It’s so easy to jump from one topic in your head to the next. Totally understandable, since we are bombarded with thousands upon thousands of distractions everyday. The world used to be simple, but these days you can forget about simplicity if you live in a big city. Focusing on something for a longer period of time is proven to be more effective at accomplishing goals rather than changing the subject with yourself every few seconds. Meditation works wonders for this, even if it’s five minutes a day you will feel a difference.

Being still with no sensory distractions around you besides the earth and your thoughts is one of the best ways. Some call this meditation, some call this mindfulness, and some just call it “being still”. However you label it, simply accepting and being with your mind and body is the perfect remedy to a monkey mind. Like anything in life, consistency is key to effectiveness.


Great National Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA


2. Be in the moment.

Explore your senses in any given moment. Observe what you see, smell, hear, and feel in that subtle part of you that we all have. Focus on your surroundings in the way only a human body can.

San José, Costa Rica


3. Watch as many sunsets as possible.

Watching awe-inspiring colors slowly changing in the sky is usually a sure-fire way to appreciate what you have. Who doesn’t love colors and beautiful skies? However you like to appreciate it—laying on the ground, following the sun with your car, or watching with a loved one—is always the right way.

Taganga, Colombia


4. Enjoy quality time.

Whether it’s with yourself or someone else, being 100% present with someone is priceless and helps us appreciate the best things in life. Hey, sometimes you can be 100% present with someone cracking up at a Spongebob meme on Facebook.


5. Walk more often.

If you want to step it up a notch, try it without music. Watch your thoughts as they come to you. If they’re negative, you have the power to end it right then and there. Gently move your thoughts to a higher vibration just by finding better-feeling, happy thoughts. Here’s a few to get you started.


6. Get in nature.

The less electronics you employ in your nature-sesh, the happier thoughts you’re likely to have, the happier you will therefore be, and the more manifestations will rain down. There’s no comparing yourself to others, no worrying about what people think of your Instagram page, and current world events are irrelevant in the forest.

Watch and feel your mind gradually shift to calmer and clearer thoughts with the seconds. Watch the wildlife and contemplate life. It’s pretty fucking fun if you ask me!


middle of nowhere, Colombia


7. Watch your life from a bird’s-eye-view.

This helps so much when you need perspective.

Viewing our lives as an outsider helps us focus on the goal and actions we’ll take to get there clearly and calmly.


Taganga, Colombia


8. Give something to someone.

Without fail, this will raise your vibration if you’re coming from a place of love. If you genuinely care about helping in some way that is unique to you, the benefits are enormous, and they extend farther than just feeling warm fuzzies in the moment. It could even be just helping your grandpa with his new phone. Use your talents for good!


9. Take a deep breath.

Sometimes, using our lungs to center ourselves is the best and quickest way to calm our minds from moving in ten directions. With the intention of breathing in positivity, love, abundance, prosperity, or just pure white light, then breathing out negativity, we transform our thought vibrations in just seconds.


10. Travel.

Another way to inspire awe in yourself is to go to new places, whether that’s a little further than usual while walking your dog for the day, or traveling all the way across the world. Anything new and different is a good way to get into the here and now, otherwise you miss it!


‘nother Taganga pic


11. Do your passion and give it your all.

When we are doing something we love, we are usually laser-focused on that thing that we love. So get out there and just take action in the best way you know how. It’s not hard, and with practice, it will seem like you’re a kid again. The key is childlike, not childish.

Many report fishing as being a sort of meditation, where their mind is far away with their thoughts. Dancing in a room full of bodies and booming music is the same for me. We all have a passion for something, just choose your favorite and roll with it 🙂 & quit arguing for your limitations!!


So maybe there’s no curse. Maybe we just grew up differently than the last generations; all these distractions bombard us in all directions. When you think about it, we’re pretty blessed to live in a time with so many experiences and freedom to choose from, but I can’t deny the benefits of focus, because as the Law of Attraction states: where focus goes, energy flows.


How do you reverse the millennial curse? Got more ideas? Shoot me a comment or email and I’ll add it in with credits to you 🙂


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