Tour A Colombian Coffee Farm – Jericó, Colombia

Tour A Colombian Coffee Farm – Jericó, Colombia

Straight from a storybook came Gabriel and Estela, a happy and healthy older couple living and breathing a remote Colombian coffee farm. They cultivate their crops and land so that their land can cultivate them.

Gabriel and Estela make extra money doing coffee tours through a local coffee shop in Jericó, Colombia called El Saturia. I booked mine with Las Cometas Hostel (click here for $20 off for the both of us – for new accounts). They took us through the coffee-making process, something I had no idea took over a year to finish! Coffee has never tasted so delicious after seeing the process involved in making a simple cup, from soil to sip.

The tour begins at El Saturia, a coffee shop, though not just any coffee shop. Buy a cup of coffee and you’ll learn a cliff-notes version of the coffee-making process with props and everything, along with the coffee steeping process of your choice. Buy a cappuccino and you will learn how to create one of those fancy drawings you always see in the foamy milk on top.

The owner and staff are friendly and like to have fun on the job. I got to know El Saturia’s owner who is the perfect man for the job. He enjoys his life a lot here in Jericó, the perfect indicator of a good business owner. Real Colombian coffee is their specialty – something to truly savor, as the coffee comes from hardworking farmers who love their craft, something you’ll probably notice in the taste & body of the coffee.



Purchase a coffee tour with El Saturia and ask to have it with Gabriel. He is a unique and gentle man with eyes, mind, and ears still sharp despite his age. His land takes care of him and his family and he takes care of his land. The farm has a certain taste of paradise…

Gabriel and his family use the land for food and medicine. Gabriel would go take a small leaf from a plant, rub it between his fingers to release the oils, and let us smell while telling us the uses, whether medicinal or for food. Coming from a country who uses prescription pills and chemicals up the wazoo, this was refreshing to see, especially observing how smart this couple is. They seemed to know every plant up, down, and all around their farm.



Gabriel began the tour with a cup of organic coffee & a light touch to his little dog’s foot, sparking a frenzy of her running around in circles chasing her tail. With all of us cracking up at something so silly, the tour started off on a good note. Gabriel showed us first how to plant the coffee beans;

How to plant a baby coffee tree…



How to collect coffee beans, both red and yellow… did you know you can eat the fruit on the outside of a coffee bean? It’s slimy and sweet and mom would approve of the health benefits 😉

How to take the shells off of coffee beans…



How to dry the coffee beans in the sun…



Dried coffee beans – Photo by Maxime (click the photo to be directed to his blog)


How to roast the coffee beans…



How to steep the coffee beans in hot water…




And how to sip an authentic cup of organic-grown coffee. It was that much more satisfying after watching the entire long process finish.



BAM! Organic coffee from Heaven’s backyard. To book the tour and see the decades worth of love this family has put into their land, check out El Saturia.


The coffee and tour was kindly provided by El Saturia, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are mine alone 🙂


  1. Angela Maciel says:

    What a great memory…I always dream about visiting a coffee farm, hand picking coffee and then tasting it .. i mean literally green and bitter..

    • Hailey says:

      Hey Angela,

      Stick it on your bucket list, it’s so worth it. I hear green coffee beans are great for you.. But the red ones taste way better 😛
      Thanks for reading. And killer article on your blog about the health debate on coffee, it was super thorough, I got a lot out of it 🙂


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