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Vipassana Meditation – the path to freedom – PART I

This article is divided and published into three separate parts for clarity and digestibility. This is Part I of a three part article titled “Vipassana – the path to freedom”.


For Part I, keep reading.

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~ PART I ~


What would you do if you had the choice between the red pill and the blue pill? What if, in one hand, you had every tool needed to free yourself from the limits of your mind and surpass negative emotions as soon as you notice them, and in the other hand lies the antidote to freedom that will keep you in your safe box?

What if there was a real and honest tool for you to shift your internal reality to be able to live in peace, regardless of your surroundings and what is happening in them?

I want to be clear, I’m not writing to convince anyone of anything. You all can judge for yourselves if you think a Vipassana Meditation course might be something you’d brave. But I’m telling you right now it will change your world in an amazing way… if you let it.

It’s been about four weeks since I finished my first 10-day Vipassana Meditation course and after observing the effects it’s had on my real life in a few weeks time, this article is my attempt at translating my experience and benefits into words.

Vipassana is a Pali (the language in the time of Buddha) word meaning “seeing the reality as it is”. It is a technique of meditation founded and taught by Gautama the Buddha himself. It cultivates determination, mindfulness, awareness of both inner and outer surroundings, and an inner peace and clarity that cannot easily be found outside of sitting quietly with oneself.

Students are asked to meditate 11 hours a day, commit to 9 days of “Noble Silence” (the tenth day students are allowed to talk and reflect on the course with others) and communicate only with teachers and assistants to ask questions.

Not gonna lie, meditating that much threw me for a loop. I have never been so silent for so long since my months in the womb, and it was a big challenge even lasting the full course.

I can definitely see why Noble Silence is a thing in this program. By not distracting ourselves and others with words about the outside world or the course itself, one can achieve true mental clarity.

With all the chaos that’s been happening lately, I believe the world could use a little pick-me-up that doesn’t involve drugs or other external sources of pleasure. We’ve been on that hamster wheel long enough.

Vipassana can be this pathway to emotional freedom for people of all backgrounds, all races and religions, all sexual orientations, and all types of personalities, helping us kick addictions to substances and behaviors we previously have used in order to find that happiness and connection with our innermost selves.

There are a lot of unhappy people causing misery to themselves and others by way of simply not knowing how to handle their suffering. This course is a method to break through the illusions of life and see how everything truly is, rather than how we want things to be, not only so that we can be in the right mindset to deal with life events wisely and without reacting blindly, but also so we can be happier at the basis of our lives, regardless of what happens in them.

Which is how it was meant to be, no? The human default is happy, we just have to unlearn a few old paradigms from society along the way.

(Continues in Part II)

11 Ways to Reverse the Millennial Curse

When was the last day you didn’t see an advertisement? Seems like it’s become the norm, to have our attention split in so many ways. And when you’re placed in this society by default from the day you were born, it’s inevitable it’s going to have an effect on us.

Distraction is a killer. When our minds are focused in too many places at once, we slowly approach our goals, rather than facing them head-on. Kick your bucket lists’s ass and conquer that baby with these 11 steps, best enjoyed whenever you feel like:


1. Cherish your focus. 

It’s so easy to jump from one topic in your head to the next. Totally understandable, since we are bombarded with thousands upon thousands of distractions everyday. The world used to be simple, but these days you can forget about simplicity if you live in a big city. Focusing on something for a longer period of time is proven to be more effective at accomplishing goals rather than changing the subject with yourself every few seconds. Meditation works wonders for this, even if it’s five minutes a day you will feel a difference.

Being still with no sensory distractions around you besides the earth and your thoughts is one of the best ways. Some call this meditation, some call this mindfulness, and some just call it “being still”. However you label it, simply accepting and being with your mind and body is the perfect remedy to a monkey mind. Like anything in life, consistency is key to effectiveness.


Great National Sand Dunes, Colorado, USA


2. Be in the moment. 

Explore your senses in any given moment. Observe what you see, smell, hear, and feel in that subtle part of you that we all have. Focus on your surroundings in the way only a human body can.

San José, Costa Rica


3. Watch as many sunsets as possible. 

Watching awe-inspiring colors slowly changing in the sky is usually a sure-fire way to appreciate what you have. Who doesn’t love colors and beautiful skies? However you like to appreciate it—laying on the ground, following the sun with your car, or watching with a loved one—is always the right way.

Taganga, Colombia


4. Enjoy quality time. 

Whether it’s with yourself or someone else, being 100% present with someone is priceless and helps us appreciate the best things in life. Hey, sometimes you can be 100% present with someone cracking up at a Spongebob meme on Facebook.


5. Walk more often.

If you want to step it up a notch, try it without music. Watch your thoughts as they come to you. If they’re negative, you have the power to end it right then and there. Gently move your thoughts to a higher vibration just by finding better-feeling, happy thoughts. Here’s a few to get you started.


6. Get in nature. 

The less electronics you employ in your nature-sesh, the happier thoughts you’re likely to have, the happier you will therefore be, and the more manifestations will rain down. There’s no comparing yourself to others, no worrying about what people think of your Instagram page, and current world events are irrelevant in the forest.

Watch and feel your mind gradually shift to calmer and clearer thoughts with the seconds. Watch the wildlife and contemplate life. It’s pretty fucking fun if you ask me!


middle of nowhere, Colombia


7. Watch your life from a bird’s-eye-view.

This helps so much when you need perspective.

Viewing our lives as an outsider helps us focus on the goal and actions we’ll take to get there clearly and calmly.


Taganga, Colombia


8. Give something to someone.

Without fail, this will raise your vibration if you’re coming from a place of love. If you genuinely care about helping in some way that is unique to you, the benefits are enormous, and they extend farther than just feeling warm fuzzies in the moment. It could even be just helping your grandpa with his new phone. Use your talents for good!


9. Take a deep breath.

Sometimes, using our lungs to center ourselves is the best and quickest way to calm our minds from moving in ten directions. With the intention of breathing in positivity, love, abundance, prosperity, or just pure white light, then breathing out negativity, we transform our thought vibrations in just seconds.


10. Travel.

Another way to inspire awe in yourself is to go to new places, whether that’s a little further than usual while walking your dog for the day, or traveling all the way across the world. Anything new and different is a good way to get into the here and now, otherwise you miss it!


‘nother Taganga pic


11. Do your passion and give it your all.

When we are doing something we love, we are usually laser-focused on that thing that we love. So get out there and just take action in the best way you know how. It’s not hard, and with practice, it will seem like you’re a kid again. The key is childlike, not childish.

Many report fishing as being a sort of meditation, where their mind is far away with their thoughts. Dancing in a room full of bodies and booming music is the same for me. We all have a passion for something, just choose your favorite and roll with it 🙂 & quit arguing for your limitations!!


So maybe there’s no curse. Maybe we just grew up differently than the last generations; all these distractions bombard us in all directions. When you think about it, we’re pretty blessed to live in a time with so many experiences and freedom to choose from, but I can’t deny the benefits of focus, because as the Law of Attraction states: where focus goes, energy flows.


How do you reverse the millennial curse? Got more ideas? Shoot me a comment or email and I’ll add it in with credits to you 🙂


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How to Focus Your Dream Life Into Fruition



I get it, it’s just a spiral. We all can draw a spiral right? But if you’re a bit OCD like myself and enjoy better visual readability, click the image & save it (Ctrl + click + save image) then go to the document & hit file + print.


What’s the point of a focus spiral?


Why should we care about focusing? Seems like such a simple thing to make a whole article about…

Make no mistake. The power of the mind is not to be misunderstood. Above anything, we focus to feel better. Maybe that sounds like a boring answer, but anything we are trying to achieve is a desire of ours because we want to feel better in the having of it, anyway.

But let’s be real. When we want something, focusing is what is going to get us to the destination we want. Focus lets us rewire our brains to take us, through action, to a preferable manifestation.

It took repetition of negative thoughts to establish limiting beliefs in our minds, so it takes repetition of positive thoughts to reverse them.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Like attracts like. Thoughts become things.


There was a study once. Three groups of basketball players were separated; one group practiced daily, another focused on shooting free-throws solely in their minds, imagining the ball going in every time. The last group did nothing at all. The group who practiced mentally with no physical practice, improved their free throws the most, with the group who solely practiced physically coming in second, and the group who didn’t practice at all unsurprisingly did not improve. You can see that study here.

If you’re still skeptical, I recommend trying the study on yourself. Belief is what backs manifestations, so we’ll need plenty of it 😉

For every thought there is a physical equivalent and as we are creating constantly, it makes loads of sense to create positive things in our lives. Like a focus wheel, created & coined by Abraham Hicks (who you can learn more about here), a focus spiral helps us focus our thoughts positively around a goal we are striving towards. Plus, sometimes making a plan in our heads leads to a forgotten goal.

Even when we write it on paper, it doesn’t always stick. By writing it down and focusing on it for a good amount of time, similar thoughts and vibrations are attracted to us faster through the Law of Attraction.

SIDE NOTE: If it’s money we are striving towards, it’s much more effective to focus on abundance, rather than money, because whether we want to admit it or not, we always have abundance in some form.

You’ll find we always have something to be thankful for, whether that’s an abundance of sunshine or an abundance of love from friends and family. Any type of abundance we focus on long enough will bring us more. It is Law.




  • In the center, place a positive-feeling statement that’s TRUE. The feeling the statement brings is important, so make sure it’s a good one. If your affirmation is “I have the abundance that I desire” and you don’t feel the truth of it, you are focused on the lack of abundance and will therefore bring yourself more lack through the Law of Attraction. Lying to our monkey mind doesn’t work. We don’t want to trick our subconscious mind; we want to work with it.


  • Pay attention to the way you feel as you do this. When you feel yourself lowering in vibration, find the better-feeling thought. Where focus goes, energy flows. Negative brings more negative and positive brings more positive, it’s Law!


  • Continue writing true affirmations as you keep affirming further out from the spiral’s center. The further out from the center you write, place affirmations you consciously believe, yet still need to practice to show your subconscious mind you truly believe it (by repetition and overwriting your previous thought programs).


  • If you’re having trouble coming up with true statements, here are some affirmations to get started (so long as they feel true to you!):


“I attract abundance into my life.”

“I am abundant in love.”

“I attract abundance when I am focused on a state of abundance.”

“I love to live.”

“I attract the energy I put out.”

“I am constantly improving.”

“I enjoy focusing on prosperity.”

“I am worthy of abundance.”

“Miracles happen everywhere at all times.”

“I love feeling I am in alignment.”

“I am connected to the universal flow of abundance.”

“Only good things lie before me.”

“I enjoy living in this body.”


…& for more pretty affirmations, click this link!


to enjoy views like this…


  • Once your spiral is filled, read over it and feel the truth of your affirmations again. The more you affirm these thoughts to yourself, the faster you overwrite your old, negative beliefs. It’s helpful to look at your previous focus spirals, but even more helpful to just keep making new ones. Really, the format isn’t important. Sometimes I try to make a focus spiral and it just turns out to be a “focus page” with a bunch of scattered affirmations everywhere. But it works!


What are you creating? 🙂


Reroute Your Fear


My favorite movies growing up always had a lesson that went way over my head. “Beetlejuice” and “The Little Mermaid” has educational value, I swear! Ever notice the way the plot crescendoes into a symphony of events, leading to a peak idea, and falling in drama from there? The way a car takes off with an initial burst of energy and slows down, breaking steadily in order to plummet it’s speed?

There is a metaphor in everything and by seeing it in relation to momentum, we can relate to and learn from anything. Before tackling fear, we gotta work with it. Before working with it, we gotta understand it.

Fear has momentum.

It begins with a small thought vibration and the more we focus on that thought, the more details we add to that fear. The Law of Attraction (a proven law of the universe which functions by perpetually attracting more of what we focus on) makes it a sure thing that that which we focus on has more following it. This is how “I have social awkwardness” turns into “I have social anxiety”, or how “I’m afraid of spiders” turns into “I can’t even look at a spider”.

Fear challenges us at its peak and its dips which can mean for some of our most trying times, but these trying times work by revealing what we truly do and don’t want. By experimenting with reality (which is always temporary), the good and the bad, we put more and more into our individual vortexes containing all of our wildest and wilder desires, furthermore creating more evolved minds and bodies.

The good news is that any time we experience something we don’t want, our inner beings adopt an energy of the opposite. Our inner beings always always ALWAYS know what we want because they’re always with us. Our inner beings do not focus on what we don’t want, our inner beings take on the very essence of what we desire.

Know your fear is completely made up.

Fear is a crippling emotion, and the funny thing is it is solely created in our heads. We can’t put the label “fear” on any single tangible object, and yet we are so afraid of fear itself that it keeps us from carrying out our desires.

Stop the snowball before it keeps rolling.

Through understanding and habit, we can transform fear into something else preferable. Once fear appears, it’s present and kind of hard to ignore. Wave the white flag with fear by recognizing it; the beauty and the flaws and embrace both to transform fear to mold it more to your advantage.

It’s helpful to know that every time a fear manifests itself, new details of our desire opposite to that fear is being put into our vortexes. We all must have some pretty enormous vortexes, then. This vortex of desire we all possess is as tangible as fear, yet it manifests itself in different ways in the “real” world, just as fear does. This means we are able to manifest what we desire as surely as we are able to manifest our fears. Did you read that?? You have the natural ability to focus into existence anything you desire just as easily as you can manifest fear in this moment that is now.

We were talking about our worries and fears, though. Which is exactly what we should stop doing if we want to eliminate them. By completely abandoning the habitual thought pattern of “I have social anxiety” and releasing our identification with it (by not mentioning the words; seeing social anxiety as separate from us; & replacing it with thoughts that reverse that anxiety), it surely disappears or the Law of Attraction is cow crap (it’s not). By recognizing and appreciating fear for the pure focusing that it forces us to do, we can transform it to work more to our advantage.

Mmmk…. that would be all rainbows and butterflies but,

How do we reroute this fear?

Fear is healthy, so it isn’t in our highest good to rid ourselves of it completely, but there is little room for fear in most preferable situations. It’s all about finding the balance, like all things in life.

Are you worried about what others think of you, scared they judge? Remembering that they DO judge, just as everyone does as a part of natural survival, will help ground you. Whatever you do, people will have something to say about it.

Our jobs are to focus on ourselves; what others think of us is none of our business. Abandoning the thought pattern that concerns itself with what other people are thinking of us releases the desire to control the thoughts of those around us (which has a tendency to influence us to change our behavior). We break the chains of fear through understanding. The harder part is remembering everytime that comes up (setting phone reminders or sticky notes where you’ll see it often is super helpful with this).

Affirmations are perfect tools for this because they work by rewiring our beliefs to reflect the life we truly desire. We are affirming to ourselves every day, all day, positively or negatively. Why not choose which story you want to tell about your life? After all, you are the writer, director, and producer of your own life.

As long as your affirmations are consistently accompanied by a soft and fluffy feeling that matches each, and your trust in the laws of the universe are strong, you WILL see your desire manifest into reality. As long as you’ve got your focus system tuned to positive emotions and vibrations, it’s already a done deal. If we can focus on fear and create more of it, then we can focus on faith in our affirmations and create more of it just as surely. After all, faith is what makes this world go round — literally.

I don’t believe we ever will or should become invincible to fear, but we can drastically reduce it. When I’m in a new city outside of my own country, I usually stick out like a sore thumb. With flaming hair and bright skin which contrasts what people are used to in the tropics, it’s difficult not to stand out. So naturally, I sometimes feel uncomfortable until I remind myself that these people are just like me. That’s my affirmation around this social issue.

Everyone wants the same things — love, happiness, freedom. It’s not me against them. It’s me against me. Us against us. By feeling separated from those around us, we separate us from ourselves. We are all connected, we are all one working organism, and we all are inherently worthy of love, happiness, and freedom. Fear is the goalie to Freedom. Our job is to break that barrier and let in our liberty.

Too long, didn’t read? Here’s a sum-up:

~ Understand your fear: any single negative thought vibration we’ve ever had has become and is becoming more through our focus on it (thanks, Law of Attraction). It energetically peaks and dips just like a roller coaster gaining and losing momentum.

~ Know fear is a made-up emotion. It’s manufactured, packaged, and exported all in our heads.

~ Starve the negative thought vibration by cutting it off completely.

~ Find your fear balance. Know when it works for your highest good and when it doesn’t.

~ Replace it with a more preferable thought; a consistent, emotion-filled affirmation (I got you started here).


After all, it’s much more fun to spend time creating the story we want to tell rather than being forced to tell the one we had no intention of creating. Where focus goes, energy flows. It’s Law 🙂





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Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Minutes after I took this picture two men with a knife stole my bag in front of a Virgin Mary statue on a mountain in Taganga, a small touristic and fishing town in Santa Marta, Colombia. They didn’t touch me, just took a few valuables, all replaceable. I wasn’t upset about the stuff being taken so much as how I handled it. I always imagined myself doing a throat punch, a few ninja kicks, and walking away with my stuff without a scratch when/if it happened but instead I took a look at the shine of his knife pointed at me, heard him say “blood” in Spanish, and sulked away like a dog with her tail between her legs. I wanted to fight back, but in that split second I realized I wanted my life more than I wanted to take the risk. My purpose in this world is not to punish people for their actions. Karma takes care of that.

Some pretty hard lessons were learned, but I didn’t come into this life wanting all rainbows and butterflies. I came for the excitement, for the roller coaster that is life. Yin and yang together is what allows happiness.

There is a balance in everything, including our worries.
Just a day before this happened I read a post about a girl who was robbed at knifepoint in the city I was in just days ago, Cartagena, Colombia. Following up to that were constant concerns from everyone around me to “be careful” along with too many stories about Colombian theft.Just so everyone knows that everyone knows:


but hearing about each individual account and how I should be aware of the “reality” of things has become too much. Colombia is not to blame. People make do with what they’ve got, and though I believe threatening someone’s life for your own personal gain is disgusting, I got the feeling those boys never intended to hurt anyone. They don’t have as many resources as most tourists in this area so they resort to what they know. Just two nasty boys out of a thousand warm, strong-minded, and generous people in Colombia that I have since met in my few months here.

Society often forgets that we’ve got things backwards. Your thoughts create your reality.Believe it or not, even me typing “society often forgets that we’ve got things backwards” just keeps that trend going. Every single little thought is shaping what you see before you, and if you know anything about the Law of Attraction you know that you get what you repeatedly think about. What came first, the chicken or the egg? The thoughts or the reality? Your reality doesn’t take the lead, YOU do. Whether you are aware of it or not.

They say ~14 seconds is all it takes for a thought to be thunk until the Law of Attraction responds by bringing you more of it. I can’t imagine how many 14 seconds of robberies I had to think about until it finally manifested but I do know this: our thoughts affect our entire life. I’m going to do everything in my power to stay positive and remember that our beliefs are shaping our realities r i g h t n o w. I want to mold my reality, not just accept it in defeat. That requires some serious focusing which doesn’t leave room for the negative thoughts. Those kinds of thoughts will kill you in the long run.

It is so important to have a positive attitude. Not just for your own sake, but the sake of every person on this planet, as connected as we all are. That being said, a positive attitude doesn’t always get you what you want, but that’s not the point of life is it? Or at least it’s not mine.

Nice backdrop though…

Though this whole thing sucked more than Mr. Owl and his lollipop, my life somehow took a detour for the better. I wouldn’t change a thing about a thing, though I will be do things a little differently. I was reminded of the fine line between expecting something to happen through preparation (insurance, carrying a gun with you, never going anywhere alone) and being aware that something can happen, and taking cautionary steps (leaving valuables home, learning self-defense, and keeping your thoughts positive) to lessen the burden of worry. Sometimes insurance is more to soften your stress than to recuperate your losses (thanks for that golden nugget of advice, Dad).

But alas, words tend to make for poor teachers. Most lessons simply require a first-hand experiential lesson, hence the value of mistakes. Anyway, just a friendly reminder from the girl who got robbed a couple nights ago,

~ though we can influence our future, we are gonna have a hard time if we try to control it

~ fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

~ positivity, love, & light over ALL


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The Power of Happy

Where is your zone?

Some call it “Flow State”. Some call it “Peak Human Performance”.

Described as feeling so far away from life on Earth, yet so close. So deep into your soul spirit doing something you absolutely love and are dedicated to.

Have you ever looked at something you created and thought, “did I just do that?”?

You must have been dabbling with the power of happiness.

Since the dawn of time, we have existed with an emotional guidance system. A guidance system of some sort is true for every being on this planet and is true for humans.

Pretty basic: stay away from what you don’t like, keep to what you do like.

Do what produces happy feels and avoid what produces the bad. It’s simple, but somehow time and environment has changed the beliefs of people and made identifying and abiding by that emotional guidance system much more evasive.

As humans, we like to play telephone and share secrets until they are convoluted and skewed from the original, but we don’t notice as it is passed down from generation to generation.

A belief is truly just a thought that has been thought enough to become a habit, and when something is taught to you and that is all you know, how can you help but believe it?

There is a momentum to this game of telephone.

Many people, including myself, have learned from their parents and surrounding environment to prefer to focus on reality because we think that’s all that’s there. Then, we’re told to focus on the positive so we try to do that too, only to find ourselves back to where we started, constantly fighting an uphill battle to be positive, yet still focus on the reality in which we live because “we’re just being realistic”.

What’s the point of that again?

Right. Realism. When it’s already been proven through countless studies, workshops, novels, etc. that we create our realities with our thoughts through the Law of Attraction—it’s just a matter of getting the word out—why should we focus on what we don’t like in a situation we can change by taking our attention off of it?

By viewing the issue positively and manipulating it to reflect a better light, you receive exactly that – a better light.

Sometimes the universe feels super nice and decides to gift you a literal view:

Even more, why should we focus on what is depressing us when telling stories about what could be—no, what will be—could be the termination of depressive thought patterns?

That’s usually what those negative thoughts center around, right? Interpreting what’s in the now and misunderstanding it; construing it negatively in a way that’s consistent with the beliefs of most human beings in these modern societies.

As long as we are aware, we’re well on our way to eliminating the negative and leaving room for the positive.


What’s the point, though?

Think back to the times you were happiest.

Think about everything that happened during and around those times and notice how they correlate to your mood.

Notice how good feelings bring more good feelings. Notice how good feelings bring good things. Then good feelings about those good things bring more good feelings and more good things.

If you don’t find a way to squash your beautiful manifestations with thought patterns that do not similarly match the way you’d feel if you had your desire (like thinking “large sums of money come from hard work only”, or “there’s no way I can find a soul mate because there are too many people on this planet”), you start to climb that impossible hill again instead of riding your way down it with no effort (by thinking things like “abundance in money is everywhere, for everyone’s picking through all sorts of means that don’t always have to do with hard work”, or “there are lots of soul mates out there for me out of all the people existing on this planet”).

It takes more work to think a negative thought than a positive one, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that, does it?

Sometimes it feels like it’s so familiar to think the negative thought because you’ve done it for so long.

Just like it’s hard to correct your tennis serve to be more efficient when you’ve learned one way and have been doing it for your entire tennis career. Your serve feels right, but that tennis ball could be flying higher, farther & faster with just a small but powerful correction.

I spent years upon years thinking about everything in my life in a “realistic” way. I saw everything in my life that I created and just kept reacting to it like it was out of my control. I had heard of and watched the movie The Secret but it never resonated much because with so little experience in the world, I didn’t truly believe it down to my core subconsciousness. And some beliefs are the die-fighting type.

If you haven’t seen the award-winning documentary, The Secret, it talks about the Law of Attraction—how like attracts like in all things.

Thoughts attracts similar thoughts which, in turn, create things. The movie explains in greater detail about how the magical and sometimes arduous adventure we take on this planet can be and is being molded by our thoughts, both collective and individual, whether we believe it or not.

I don’t know a single person who isn’t delighted by this idea when thinking of all of the possibilities, and all of those I have met who have watched the movie are firm believers after looking back on their own life and their beliefs about something before certain occurrences matched them.

I used to see the world as having a fixed reality, something I can’t really mold or manipulate.

After all this Law of Attraction talk and constant studying, sometimes I feel like I’m a unicorn and I’ve just fallen down the rabbit hole into this beautiful abyss of my own creation.

Then things truly become real.

Once you have belief in front of you and behind you and all the way through you, you become invincible in what you can accomplish.

Once you have this knowledge, you take back your personal universal power.

Careful what you wish for though: once you actually acknowledge and believe that you are both the player and the controller in this video game we call life, your manifestations start to come faster and faster.

Words don’t teach though, so you’ll have to try it for yourself. Test the universe with the small stuff and see what happens. Ask to see a pink balloon in the sky, trust, let go of your resistance saying it’s not possible or logical, and be appreciative in the moment, and watch it appear.

One thing they don’t touch so hard on in the movie is how your mood affects your ability to create.

You’ve got this long list of desires you can’t see.

Goals, wishes, ideas, an endless bounty of things that are there even though you can’t see them – just like viruses and protons and electrons are there and you know they’re there but you’ve never actually seen any of those in real life.

Or maybe you have. Or maybe, like me, you’re just taking humanity’s word for it.

You’ve got this swirling list of desires and ideas and plans, which you could call your “vortex” and it is always ripe for your picking at all moments. The only obstacle in your way is your thoughts which decide your mood and therefore, vibration.

The cherry picker (or coconut picker, if you wish) to your fruitful tree of manifestations is your ability to stay in that high-flying place of being happy long enough so that the Law of Attraction can bring you similar feelings through manifestations of your desires.

A coconut palm is tall and requires significant thought in order to pick the coconuts. The same applies vibrationally.

Haven’t you ever gotten to that certain specific place and been delivered your wildest desires, filled with every single thing that you wished for and then some?

Haven’t you ever been delivered something so perfect and extraordinary that you have a hard time doubting there is some higher intelligence that helped it come into fruition? It kind of makes you ponder what’s out there, invisible to our human eyes.

There are endless ways to be in this state of being that delivers to you what you want, specific to your personality and desires.

If you love to dance, that’s where it’s at.

If you love to crunch numbers, that’s where it’s at.

If you love to swim, that’s where it’s at.

Anything you are doing which helps you to feel “in the zone” is what brings you the manifestations, from thoughts to things, that match your feelings and bring you what you wish for as long as you believe it in your core.

The trick is doing it for the fun, not for the manifestations. When we care about the way we feel, our manifestations kick into overdrive.

Thinking about what other people are thinking of you immediately takes you out of that high-flying place. Same with any thought vibration that makes you feel like your balloon has deflated, even just a little. But again, words don’t teach, experience does. See for yourself.

Even if all of this wasn’t true, what’s the point of going back to the thought patterns we used to have? Where real is boring and it only changes when it wishes to and not when I ask for it?

I wouldn’t do go back to my old ways of always and only observing what is real and neglecting thoughts of what I can do about it. I wouldn’t go back to thoughts like that because I was chronically depressed, worrying about what could be and not forward-thinking about the bounty that awaited me in the future that is everything I could ever wish for and more.

What’s the point, when life is incredible, intoxicating, addictive, imaginable, and unimaginable in this natural way of viewing the universe?

This is why it’s so important to follow our passions. This is why I am so passionate about others finding their passions.

This is why it feels so incredible to be in the zone.

When you are so in the zone, you are positively contributing to collective consciousness. You are contributing to the vibrational improvement of yourself and the Universe.

You put things on your tree of manifestations and pick them when you are in the best vibrational place to find them. You are offered the matching cherry picker to your fruit when you match the vibration of that fruit. All in result of your thoughts and feelings.

If you want to open your own restaurant, imagine the feeling of owning your own restaurant.

If you want a glob of money, match the feeling of having that money or spending it on something.

If you want a killer body, match the vibration and experience already being there.

When your beliefs match your desires, you will receive it, by the laws of this thing we call “reality”. As you doubt the universe’s power and your own, and as you doubt the importance and worthiness of yourself to receive your desire, you slow your cherry picker the heck down and make picking that fruit impossible until the cobwebs have cleared.

It’s imperative to the fruition of your desire to stay in that high-flying happy place and maintain the awareness of your worthiness. Literally thought by thought and you are moved into and out of the vortex. A part of life of course, but it always feels better to soften resistance.

Maybe a Spring cleaning is in order! Minds need a maid too 😉


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