Vipassana Meditation – the path to freedom – PART I

This article is divided and published into three separate parts for clarity and digestibility. This is Part I of a three part article titled “Vipassana – the path to freedom”.   For Part I, keep reading. For Part II, click here. For Part III, click here.     ~ PART I ~   What would you […]

11 Ways to Reverse the Millennial Curse

When was the last day you didn’t see an advertisement? Seems like it’s become the norm, to have our attention split in so many ways. And when you’re placed in this society by default from the day you were born, it’s inevitable it’s going to have an effect on us. Distraction is a killer. When […]

How to Focus Your Dream Life Into Fruition

    I get it, it’s just a spiral. We all can draw a spiral right? But if you’re a bit OCD like myself and enjoy better visual readability, click the image & save it (Ctrl + click + save image) then go to the document & hit file + print.   What’s the point […]

Reroute Your Fear

  My favorite movies growing up always had a lesson that went way over my head. “Beetlejuice” and “The Little Mermaid” has educational value, I swear! Ever notice the way the plot crescendoes into a symphony of events, leading to a peak idea, and falling in drama from there? The way a car takes off […]

Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Minutes after I took this picture two men with a knife stole my bag in front of a Virgin Mary statue on a mountain in Taganga, a small touristic and fishing town in Santa Marta, Colombia. They didn’t touch me, just took a few valuables, all replaceable. I wasn’t upset about the stuff being taken […]

The Power of Happy

Where is your zone? Some call it “Flow State”. Some call it “Peak Human Performance”. Described as feeling so far away from life on Earth, yet so close. So deep into your soul spirit doing something you absolutely love and are dedicated to. Have you ever looked at something you created and thought, “did I […]

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