Solo Travel: Alone or Lonely?

I like to think I’ve gotten good at being alone. Some would call that sad, but the truth is there is a huge difference between being “alone” and “lonely”. When I travel solo, I choose to identify with the first. A lot of people seem to be afraid of making a trip alone because they […]

Tips To Save Money While Traveling

Let’s face it; travel isn’t one of the cheaper hobbies to have, but there are always ways to make it less expensive, especially as the world changes and things become more efficient by the day. It’s not about being cheap, it’s about being smart. Along my travels I’ve collected some of the best & lesser […]

8 Great Tools to Find the Cheapest Flights

Arguably one of the most overwhelming parts of a vacation is finding the flights. With so many options to choose from, so many variables to account for, how can we get the best bang for our buck while keeping our precious leg room and complimentary cookies? Below I’ve broken down a few different tools to […]

22 Ways To Travel More For Less

Travel has drastically changed in the last decade, and continues to do so. With the ever-expanding internet comes more tools, more efficiency, and cheaper options, which means there is a whole new world out there to learn and navigate in order to get the best deals to save on energy better spent somewhere else. The […]

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