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Save money while traveling

Tips To Save Money While Traveling

Let’s face it; travel isn’t one of the cheaper hobbies to have, but there are always ways to make it less expensive, especially as the world changes and things become more efficient by the day. It’s not about being cheap, it’s about being smart. Along my travels I’ve collected some of the best & less widely known tips to save money while traveling. This article will help your money go further on your holidays.

1. Look for alternative transportation options.

What’s cheap and efficient for your country may cost an arm and a leg at your destination country.

Try a plane trip instead of train or bus (in Europe especially), carpool with a van cab (also called a ‘colectivo‘ in South America), or use a ride share service like BlaBla Car instead of riding solo in a small cab.

Also try Uber or Lyft instead of a taxi, if it’s available in the country in which you’re traveling. No matter how many dirty looks you get from taxi drivers, keep in mind alternative taxi options are almost always cheaper, you won’t get ripped off like many of the horror stories you may have heard of or experienced yourself, and the car and driver are almost always more pleasant than what you’d get by using a taxi.

Also, when traveling throughout the city, consider walking, biking, roller blading, renting an electric scooter that are popping up in cities everywhere, or using other fun transportation options (like an electric unicycle). If you’re a lover of beautiful and unique views, seeing a city slow enough to see the smaller details is usually worth the extra time it takes to get to your destination.

Málaga, Spain

2. Avoid foreign ATM fees whenever possible.

Open a free Charles Schwab bank credit card that will reimburse foreign ATM fees. Apply some months ahead of the date of your trip to ensure you are approved in time and receive the card before your departure date.

Don’t opt for the “Margin Trading” account if you’d like to avoid the credit check which may lower your score.

3. If, for any reason, you can’t avoid foreign ATM fees with Charles Schwab Bank or another applicable option, then only take out money when absolutely necessary.

In European cities, it will probably make the most sense to take cash out of the ATM only once during your trip, if at all. Most “developed” cities take cards for payment, and it’s usually the most secure option anyway. In countries less developed, in order to avoid foreign ATM fees, aim to take out larger amounts of money from an ATM only once (if you feel comfortable enough to do so), and use cards almost exclusively, whenever possible.

4. Ask your bank if they reimburse foreign ATM and foreign exchange fees.

While Charles Schwab automatically reimburses the foreign fees you acquire abroad, some other banks will reimburse you after you ask.

5. Opt for free tours instead of paid.

Many times these tours will be just as, if not more, worthwhile. Try,,, or use my good friend Google to search for free tours in your desired city.

6. Check for alternative accommodation options.

Many Airbnbs and private hostel rooms are just as good as a nice hotel room, and in some cases even better. The perks and drawbacks vary with the price and destination, but with the huge range of rented-out homes and the plethora of hostels in a growing worldwide traveling culture, you should have no problem finding something that is both cost-effective and hits the mark in terms of comfort.

Try searching on Airbnb, Hostelworld, and Booking.

The above are some of my most used and recommended options because of price, option availability, and ease of use.

Camping is another great option if you’ve got the necessary supplies. There are lots of free dispersed campgrounds around the world, and views are often times better than a hotel room.

7. Bring snacks on the plane.

This one seems obvious, but sometimes it’s only after you spend $10 on snacks purchased on the airplane or at the airport that you realize you could have put that towards the cab ride to the hotel. Airport/airplane food is usually overpriced because they know if you’re hungry and you’re stuck in the vicinity waiting for your flight, a ride, or luggage, you’ll most likely pay whatever.

8. Take advantage of sign-up incentives.

Airbnb, Hostelworld, and Booking will give new customers credit toward their first stay with them by signing up through the following links and booking with them. I will also receive credit for referring any reader who uses the links below to sign up with a new account and book with their service.

Throughout my travels, I have used these services many times and trust them enough to recommend to my readers, with or without a sign up incentive. If you feel I have helped you in some significant way, I would be more than grateful if you considered taking advantage of these incentives with my links. You’re not only supporting your own travels, but also more helpful blogs in the future.

P.S. On that note, I am always looking for new blog ideas based on either travel and/or the mind-body connection, so shoot me a message through Instagram (@haileymorganf) or by email at, if there’s a specific subject you’d like to know more about. 🙂

Personally, I like to use all of these services for one trip, depending on where I’m going and if I am looking for a hostel, hotel room, or my own space with a kitchen and everything I need. I recommend checking them all when going to a new city, because they all have a wide range of options based on what you are looking for.

REFERRAL LINKS: you get $40 travel credit, and if you book a trip with them that’s worth $75 or more, I get a $20 travel credit:

Booking – you get a $20 travel credit, I get a $20 travel credit: or use coupon code D5D5750C

Hostelworld currently doesn’t offer discount codes or links for referrals, though they’re still a great service.

9. On the other hand, sometimes it’s cheaper and more beneficial to pay directly through the hostel/hotel’s website or by showing up to the place the day you’re looking to book, instead of using an external service to book.

This option makes the most sense as long as it’s not the busy season for your destination of choice. By booking through a third-party service like Hostelworld or Booking, you’ll pay a small fee or deposit (non-refundable if you cancel before your trip) so they make commission.

This commission fee is usually worth it if you’d appreciate the 100% guarantee of staying at the hotel or hostel you choose, but if it’s low season for tourism, it’s usually best to book through the hostel/hotel’s website or as soon as you arrive. It may be a bit of a gamble, but a cheaper gamble at that, and usually hostels are concentrated in one area so you can pick a backup option if needed.

10. Choose to pay with local currency.

In Europe these days, it’s common to see credit card billing machines that ask if you’d like to pay in the local currency, or your home currency, when using a credit or debit card. Because your bank will probably give you a better foreign exchange rate than where you’re making your purchase, it’s best to opt for paying in the local currency.

11. Find out when the local museums and other city attractions are offering free entry.

Many cities offer one free day per month (usually Sundays), or offer discounts for students/veterans/seniors/kids/etc. It may be worth it to plain your trip around these dates if you like to play tourist and go to the famous attractions.

Castle museum
Château des ducs de Bretagne Museum (Nantes, France)

12. When booking flights, browse all websites in Private Browsing mode (also known as Incognito Mode for Google Chrome, or InPrivate for Microsoft’s browsers).

This will tell the browser not to save your history, cookies, or login data so that the websites you visit don’t see you looking at a flight and encourage you to book faster by upping the price of the flight it notices you’re looking at (by way of tracking your computer IP address).

13. Browse this article I wrote, “7 Great Flight Booking Tools” for some of the most efficient and cheapest ways to book flights.

14. If you’re traveling light, check the route you want to take on the websites of budget airline in your country of choice for some of the lowest prices.

Remember to read the rules of the airline carefully; some charge for printing out boarding tickets at the airport or for your second carry-on, but if you don’t have a lot to bring this is usually the most economical option.

15. Consider spending a little extra on a plane ticket to your destination.

It’s worth noting, sometimes it’s tempting to pay a lot less for a flight ticket, only to pay for it with your time. Sometimes the extra $50 is worth the time you save with an exhaustingly long layover where you’re forced to purchase airport food, but of course this depends on your mindset, the flight route, and how you could be using the time in which you “pay” for the cheaper flight you booked, so please do your research accordingly 🙂

16. Collect the tax refund on goods you buy from specific stores displaying the “VAT TAX FREE” sign in foreign countries.

If you’re a foreigner in the country you are visiting, some (but not all) stores will allow you a refund of the VAT (Value Added Tax) you pay on the goods you purchase abroad if you’re paying above a certain amount.

Standard protocol in the EU, for example, requires you ask the store for the receipt with the tax-exempt code present on it. Some stores may ask you to fill out a form, and provide proof you reside outside of the EU. Then you’d go to the customs officer, BEFORE checking your luggage, to approve the refund. Take your stamped document to the Bureau to choose how you wish to receive your money and you’ll be on your way. Processing takes around 3 months before you see your refund, depending on the country.

There are quite a few exceptions to this rule (such as what you buy, how much it is, if you leave the country by plane or ground/water transportation, and when you leave the country with your goods), and honestly you may have to jump through a hoop or five to get your tax money refunded, but it could be worth the extra effort, especially if you make a substantial purchase abroad, such as a car.

If you’re visiting the USA as a foreigner, you’ll have to contact state authorities, rather than national government, as sales tax is collected by individual states.

For more information, a good start is []

Or []

These are some of my best tried-and-true tips I’ve learned from my travels to help your money stretch further and save money while traveling during some of the most memorable times of your life. Happy travels!

make an online income

High Paying Ways To Make An Online Income

make an online income

Ready to learn the Laptop Lifestyle?

The internet has transformed life as we knew it, and with a world connecting in more ways than ever through travel and the World Wide Web, we must adapt to the changes our grandparents couldn’t even dream of.

The great thing about location independence is the freedom it brings: if you so choose, by this time next year, you could be sipping the best $2 smoothie of your life, lounging on beach cabanas making money in your swimsuit.

Or maybe you’re more the Wild Wild West type; maybe you envision yourself touring Montana in an RV and your laptop, making residual income while you’re out fly fishing. Whichever the life you are after, I am here to tell you it is 100% possible for you to accomplish.

It’s worth noting that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, per say. But that’s not to say you can’t have a heck of a time doing it. Take a look at some of the options below to follow your own vision of freedom.

Each of the following options on this list require putting in the time and focus to really make a high paying online income in that direction. You will encounter challenges. From every job or career route on this list. I don’t know a successful person on the planet who has said they haven’t had heaps of challenges along the way, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s what we do with these challenges, how we learn from them, that determines how we succeed.


entrepreneur quote


Okayy, enough with the cheesy chit chat! Without further ado, here are some of the best ways to make a high paying online income:


What is it?

Being a freelancer allows you to be your own boss, gain location independence, and the potential to make a lot of money. A freelance career is usually slow to start, especially if your portfolio is a little bare, but once you get momentum going, you can make a great income and could easily have clients coming to you if you decide to really pursue this skill.

Along with location freedom, this job allows for creative freedom. Freelancers can take their career in any path they want, as this path spans countless subjects and mediums. Write books, create websites, design logos, blogs, the choices are endless!

How does it pay?

You may decide to begin by contacting clients yourself, which is very time consuming. Alternatively, there are specific websites that allow people across the internet to submit work to their project. Check out content mill websites in your niche with a quick Google search and you’ll find tons of resources.

This is a great job for any type of freelancer, and once you land a few clients with ongoing work, you’ll have a well-rounded portfolio with client referrals & testimonials that can push your career to great success. Get really skilled at mastering your niche and the potential for pay is unlimited.


Trading Cryptocurrency

What is it?

Make money short-term or long-term trading Cryptocurrency (currency that is online and exchanged without third-party banking systems) by watching the numbers, identifying cycles, buying low and selling high, and profiting off of a few hours of work, all without a college degree and from the comfort of your own home.

This option is great for travelers because of how easy and fast it is to pay or be paid and one can also avoid excess foreign fees. Many experts in the field are claiming the Dollar value will inevitably collapse and Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology (the technology that makes Cryptocurrency possible) will take its place soon, so you could be killing two birds with one stone (why is this even a saying???) if you believe it could be the next world currency system. Think return on investment and using it as your preferred everyday payment method.

Most merchants do not accept Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies right now, but many others are jumping on the wagon such as Microsoft, Wikipedia, Shopify, & even Whole Foods if you pay with a crypto-loaded gift card.

The risk with Cryptocurrency trading is higher than the others on this list, but the rewards are also high. Please do your own research.

How does it pay?

This all depends on your level of commitment and the amount of money and time you decide to invest, but to give you an idea, Bitcoin is worth a little over $8,000 (as of late July, 2018), so buying a fraction of a coin and waiting until the price jumped up a thousand or two could have you living more than comfortable. Check the web for success stories; they are NOT far and few between.


Drop Shipping

What is it?

Like a glorified online Walmart or niche store, you may want to open your own online shop selling other peoples’ products.

Many sellers in other countries like Russia and China are looking for advertisers to leverage their product in various markets to whom they have no idea how to market. In this line of work, you are the marketer and provide almost all customer service (until you outsource), and the earning potential is practically infinite. I would not call this an easy job, by any means, but it sure beats setting up a whole building and filling it with inventory, as far as difficulty and time-consumption goes.

How does it pay?

With your own online store, you are able to sell virtually whatever you want. Whenever a sale is made on your site, you will find the product you picked to sell online and buy it with your own money, contributing to the main seller and keeping the rest of the profit. The money is yours as soon as it goes from the buyer’s bank account to yours.

With all the right ingredients in place, it’s possible to advertise a free (+S&H) bracelet and in a single day make thousands off of that one product alone. That is the power of the internet.

Alternatively, sell a high-ticket product such as a treadmill, and just one sale will compensate for all overhead costs at startup. You have to foot the bill to pay for the giant thing and the shipping to get it to their address, but the returns are truly lucrative.



What is it?

Whether you want to supplement a high school student’s schoolwork, create an online video series teaching a crash course on the guitar, or join a company teaching English online, this option is available for all types of people; young, old, degree or no degree.

If you’d like to teach English online with websites like DaDaABC, chances are you will need a degree. Though I have heard of websites that don’t require one, your best bet would be trying for individual gigs through Craigslist, Facebook Groups or Marketplace (under Jobs category), and even making your own posts advertising your services.

How does it pay?

You’ll likely get paid by the week or month, depending on the company or arrangement you choose. Salary is often times paid by the hour, anywhere from $10 – $80 an hour, sometimes even more depending on the circumstances, the area you’re in, and the skills you have.


Affiliate Marketing

What is it?

This is all about word-of-mouth marketing, so you can use either your website or your social media following to make money recommending products or services you trust, and for each sale made through your link, you’ll get a commission. Sell anything from sports drinks to vacation packages to website hosting & anything else you can think of. Beats door-to-door selling any day.

How you appear on the internet plays a huge role in this, so I’d advise you to find interesting and unique ways to stand out from the crowd if this is the route you’re going to take. This could mean staying away from one super-saturated social media platform and opting for another.

Find your angle that no one else has and you can easily capitalize on it.

An added bonus is the people skills this job brings. If you’re in the marketing space, you’re going to need to appeal to large audiences and connect with a lot of people at once, so affiliate marketing is a great career path to develop those skills.

How does it pay?

Place a link to a product or service anywhere on the internet, followers buy from your link in trusting you and your recommendations, and you make a commission off of someone else’s product. Pay outs are usually weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on the affiliate program or company you choose to partner with.


Multi-Level Marketing

What is it?

This one gets a bad reputation, but it really is an extremely profitable business because it thrives on word-of-mouth, a super powerful marketing tool, if not THE most.

Please please please do yourself and everyone else a solid & fully believe in the product you are recommending to people. This is why Multi-Level Marketing leaves a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths–because some of us have been pitched to by our friends with the motive of solely making money rather than the genuine desire to help. Vouching for products and services you truly use and trust is the way to be successful in this line of work.

If it fits your values, chances are it will fit the values of the people you attract with your marketing techniques. Plus, the more value we give to the world as a whole, the more value we receive. Karma Theory and all that.

How does it pay?

For each person you sign up to your multi-level marketing program link, and if they sell or simply buy from the company, you’ll get commission. The more people you have signed up under you, and the more people signed up under the people under you in rank, the more you can make. Work anywhere from an hour a week to using it as your full-time job, all from your laptop without mention of a college degree or even a high school diploma, for some companies.

Since this is also in the marketing field, pay depends upon your media reach along with other variables like commission percentage payout, the type of company, the prices of the items you’re selling, and how much you’re actually selling. Soooo with millions upon millions of people on the internet, basically, limitless.


Each of the opportunities on this list can be expanded upon in different ways, or even combined. Chances of succeeding are based on your passion and drive to see the vision through, so I invite you to experiment with a few and see what you really love doing.

I hope you were able to take something from this article of some of the most high paying, high value ways to make an online income without a ton of experience or education. Drop a comment below and let me know what you’re doing to gain location freedom; I’d love to hear.


This list is frequently being updated with ways to make a high paying online income. If you have more suggestions, please share with us in a comment and I’ll put it on this list 🙂


make an online income

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flight booking tools

7 Great Flight Booking Tools

Arguably one of the most overwhelming parts of a vacation is booking the flights. With so many options to choose from, so many variables to account for, how can we get the best bang for our buck while keeping our precious leg room and complimentary cookies? Below I’ve broken down a few different flight booking tools for you to use to find the best flight prices and routes with the best values.

At least in all my experience booking flights, there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all for the best prices and best value for your money. This just means we must do a little extra searching if we want to find great flight deals. To make the maze a little less messy, I’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages for each tool to narrow down which you’d like to use.

All of the following websites provide something unique, and though some are superior to others, they each offer their own pros and cons.

You’ll find a few tips at the end of this list to take your flight-booking game up a notch or two.


Matrix ITA Airfare Search


flight booking tools


This website breaks down individual flight prices showing which fees are thrown in the reservation, including fuel surcharges and taxes.

After being acquired by Google in 2011 following its development by MIT pros in the 1990s, this tool is so powerful that many of the flight search engines across the web are based around it. Google Flights is one great example.

TIP: Once you’ve found your flight reservation, instead of re-typing in your itinerary details in a booking site, use to simply copy and paste your chosen itinerary from Matrix ITA and book through their software.

flight booking tools



  • Breaks down fees in a flight route so you can take advantage of “fuel dumps” and other airline errors
  • Provides cost-per-mile statistics
  • Offers a calendar to compare prices
  • Has lots of filters


  • Does not offer a mobile app
  • Can be a bit intimidating to new users




flight booking tools

This website rounds up fares that have been posted by airlines in error. Price tags for these are usually very inexpensive compared to normal prices; sometimes a whole digit less than the intended number (simply because of a human or computer error).

Fares are snatched up quick, but it’s a great tool for those who are interested in traveling without much of a care where or when.

Another similar option is TheFlightDeal.



  • Finds human and computer errors across the web to bring you incredibly cheap prices


  • Does not provide much flexibility – you will likely have to be the flexible one in flight dates/times and destinations
  • Error fares are snatched up quickly



flight booking tools

This search engine is very user-friendly to beginners and usually offers great prices. Skyscanner also provides “mashup” fares, which help you combine flights for a cheaper price.



  • Offers a map displaying prices depending on your city and departure month
  • Collects competitive prices
  • Offers “mashup fares” to save on flight routes


  • Does not always have the most competitive prices – depends on many things like desired route and timing


Google Flights

Flight booking tools

tools to book flights

Google Flights is very easy to use, has all the options/filters one can need, and usually has great prices. If you are a visual person without a ton of patience in the vacation booking experience, then you might want to risk putting all your eggs in this basket; a little extra money on the flight price (though Google Flights usually has great prices – there’s always an off-chance they won’t) may be a small price for you to pay in exchange for ease-of-use and a fast booking experience.

Google Flights is a great tool to rely on for booking flights for the lazier travelers looking to simply look and book.



  • It’s very user-friendly and visually simple
  • Lots of filters
  • Allows an option to buy tickets separately so you can save more
  • Offers price alerts
  • Allows you to share your itinerary to allow for others to plan around
  • Offers Discover Destinations – allows you to explore more options from your city of origin
  • Offers a browser extension to see how much precious leg room you are given, carry-on restrictions, and amenities


  • Does not offer a mobile app




tools to book flights

Kayak collects information from hundreds of flight search engines, providing some of the best prices across the web.



  • Detailed map view with price points
  • Lots of filters including an option of when you’d like your flight to depart
  • Future price predictions
  • Collects hundreds of search results


  • Isn’t as user-friendly as the other options on this list




flight booking tools

Skiplagged is another good option for a quick and painless look and book. Prices are usually super competitive and the website is simple, tasteful, and easy to use.



  • Offers competitive prices
  • Will round up multi-stop flights with one stop as your destination so you can save more
  • Exposes flight loopholes
  • User-friendly
  • Offers a mobile app


  • Won’t be able to find prices for smaller airlines


best flight booking tools

This article originally started with only seven flight booking tools, but my recent experience with Kiwi has me throwing it on this list with the others. I have found better prices with Kiwi for certain flights (looking at Denver, Colorado, USA to Europe for August) and the ease of the site is really unique in some ways.



  • Displays super competitive prices
  • Allows users to select multiple airports for both the destination and departure city
  • Has a more visual feel – calendars with price listings on individual dates
  • Gives discount incentives
  • Shows map with prices everywhere based on the departure city, dates, stops, etc. you select
  • Offers price alerts
  • Includes multi-stop options to give you the best prices (if you like to choose longer travel days over larger price tags)


  • Isn’t ALWAYS the best prices; though this is true for most, if not all booking engines these days



Some Heads Ups . . .


TIP: Get in the habit of using Private Browsing/Incognito Window on your browser when booking flight reservations. Many times you will see the price increase just because their computers have noticed a certain IP address is viewing it. This is so you act quickly and reserve your flight before the prices jump again. Private Browsing hides your identity from websites & takes those robots out of the equation so that you get a fairer price.

TIP: Many of these search engines, if not all, will not provide results for many smaller airlines like Southwest and Allegiant. The routes may be displayed, but the prices will not because they do not allow “any automatic device, program, or algorithm” to check and pull prices, as explained on Southwest Airlines’ website.

You’ll have to go to the airline’s website to view them, or use sites like, which pull prices using humans rather than algorithms. This website is good for finding competitive prices, but I didn’t include it in the list because it’s not as user-friendly as the other options.

TIP: Keep in mind it might be worth it to double check your airline of choice’s rules ahead of booking with them – many airlines have added fees, such as luggage, that’s not included in the price you see.


With these great tools to use to book flights, you should have no trouble finding a price that suits your budget. It’s a maze out there, but one worth navigating to get the best value to get to your destination comfortably. These flight booking websites work great, and are perhaps some of the most-used, but this doesn’t make them the best…

I’ve shared my favorites with you, but with all the websites out there I’m sure I missed some good ones! What is your favorite flight booking tool?


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travel more for less

Travel Hacks – Ways To Travel More For Less

Travel has changed. With the ever-expanding internet comes more tools, more efficiency, and cheaper options, which means there is a whole new world out there to learn and navigate in order to get the best deals to save on energy better spent somewhere else. The following travel hacks will help you streamline your vacation and save you time, money, and overall energy and allow you to focus more on Piña Coladas and Vitamin D.


~ Use packing cubes. These organizers will limit clutter and improve your packing experience so life stays tidy when you are required to dig around a luggage or backpack every single day.


~ Remember to pack an international adapter for international trips. But in case you forget, many standard USB ports are located on the back of TVs in hotels and hostels in many places around the world.



~ Use Google Maps offline with a smartphone when you’re in a city in which you won’t have or don’t want to use your mobile service. All you have to do is download the map for the area you’re in to your phone while you have internet (use Wi-Fi to avoid data charges) and open it up while offline to use like normal.



~ If you’re using a credit card to book your reservations (to accumulate miles), look into the card’s policy to see you can take advantage of included travel insurance to avoid paying for a separate policy.


~ Sign up your kids for frequent flyer miles. Some travelers don’t realize your kids are just as eligible as you are! Some airlines require you sign them up online or by phone.


~ Track your miles with So many airlines to travel with results in a lot of disorganization. If you don’t mind giving out a few passwords for your Frequent Flyer award programs in exchange for a tool that will allow you to use them more wisely, then this tool can help you keep track of awards programs. View your rewards all in one place and avoid losing out on expiring mile credits.


~ Combine your family’s frequent flyer miles. Many airlines, though not all, will allow you to combine accumulated miles of multiple people in your family. Some applicable airlines may include (but are not limited to) JetBlue, EGYPTAIR, and their partner airlines, as well.


~ Take a quality multivitamin. This will make your life 1000 times easier, traveling or not. Multivitamins prevent many sicknesses along the way, keeps nails, skin, and hair strong and healthy, helps clear the body of impurities, cleans up acne, gives us more energy, and overall improves the body’s homeostasis (ability to return to a healthy balance between physiological responses), which all allows room for a clearer and sharper mind. Looking for your way back to the hotel in a new city is a hell of a lot easier when your mind and body are working at peak performance.

Make sure the ingredients are of organic quality, if possible. Pesticides and other man-made chemicals in standard-brand multivitamins are less effective than organic because artificial chemicals interfere with our body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients. You may be paying less money up front but the quality makes up for it and could contribute to a need for a doctor’s bill down the road.



travel multivitamin


Please note: This is not an affiliate picture link 🙂 I can vouch for this product because it has improved my life and travels 100 fold.


~ Don’t drink the plane water. Studies have found the tap water on board to contain everything from salmonella to insect eggs. A better bet is bottled water or juice. Same with ice… better safe than sorry 🙂


~ Check out often if you are flexible in booking dates and your destination location of choice. The website collects and displays prices that have been posted in error by airlines, which happens all the time. Keep checking back frequently as deals are snatched quick and rotated out for new ones every day.


~ Think twice about the vaccine that may be “strongly recommended” or even “mandated” in the country you are visiting. Many vaccines, travel-related or not, may take care of an immediate problem but end up doing more long-term harm than good in our bodies. No doubt there are some useful ones out there that have improved human health drastically, but please do your research and trust yourself on what is best for your body over any doctor. After all, you’re the only one who is going to receive the effects of it, good or bad.


~ Fly into a hub airport and travel by land from there. Many times it is worthwhile to fly into a large airport where traveling around cities is easy, most affordable, and most efficient rather than spending a little . Examples of “hub” airports include Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Fort Lauderdale International Airport (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA), Frankfurt Airport (Frankfurt, Germany), and Keflavik International Airport (Reykjavik, Iceland).


~ Think realllll good about that night of sleeping at the airport you think might save you some cash. I’ve made the mistake of spending a night in the Fort Lauderdale International Airport, thinking I was saving money, and instead spending as much on airport food and a good night’s sleep as I would have in buying a direct flight.

Airport food is super expensive, so chances are you could end up spending close to, or more than you wanted to save. Plus, you may discover after spending a night on thin-carpeted concrete, a simple bed and your creature comforts are worth a little extra energy.


~ Be aware of the possibilities (both bad AND good). Okay, this one isn’t a hack, per say, but it is so worth saying. If you’re flying to an area that isn’t in the greatest shape economically, chances are you will want to keep your eyes a little wider than when in an area full of people with all they need to survive and thrive. While having fear while traveling is perfectly normal and even a little healthy, too much of it can do us more harm than good.

**People in lack mindsets think less about the feelings of others and more about their own situations, so you tend to see less compassion and more crime in the more impoverished areas. For this reason—and unless you are willing to dance with the devil on this one—stick to calling taxis/Ubers/Lyfts/etc., limiting your time on the streets alone after sunset, and above all, trusting your gut feelings.


~ Expand your accommodation options. The world is changing big time, and gone are the days where we are limited to hotels and motels. Especially thanks to the internet, travel is easier and cheaper than ever. Check out,, and for accommodation, but also remember to check general search engines like Bing and Google for the best options for your area.

  • You’ve probably noticed search engines will take out keywords you type in to come up with what they think as “better” results for you. Because of this, put quotation marks “ ” around keywords for the area you want to search so that the search engine takes the entire word or phrase and makes sure it’s in the results they provide. 
  • Using Google or Bing, type in “site:_____” and include the website(s) in which you want to search for accommodation, along with the area of your destination.

Example: type in the search bar in a popular search engine: “site:” “site:” panama City, panama, and it will come up with results containing those website keywords in Panama City, Panama.

  • Use a dash mark to exclude certain words or phrases you want to make sure aren’t in the results.

Example: type in the search bar in a popular search engine: eco-hotel accommodation in venice, italy -“hostel”, and it will come up with results related to your keywords that DO NOT contain the word “hostel”


~ Think about renting an apartment, if you’re staying for more than a week or two. You can try for any of the previously mentioned accommodation search engines, or Google the area you’re in and include “rent” or “apartment” in your search. (USA & Canada) and Facebook Marketplace are also good resources for apartment hunting. The online tools you can use are endless, but those will definitely get you started.

Short-term apartment rentals save on money in the long-term and lets you travel more like a local.


~ Check for free city tours in your area. is a great resource for this. Also try general search engines and Facebook groups for your area of interest.


~ Open a bank account that will provide reimbursement of international ATM charges and other foreign fees. I use and swear by Charles Schwab Bank. They have really great customer service and do all of the above, and more. The only drawback (or benefit, depending on your perspective) is it’s an online bank so you can’t pull cash out of it.


Useful Flight Deal Websites To Book With:

You may want to compare flight prices for each of the following, as all of these will rotate as being the cheapest flight booking website for you, depending on factors such as your timing and location.

~ ***Remember to use private browsing or incognito tab when looking at flights. Your visits to certain websites are tracked and used by airlines to change the prices so that you book sooner.



Useful Transportation Tools: share a car with others to avoid car payments, maintenance and repair, gas, and insurance. Use a car for the day, an hour, or a week and park it anywhere. You don’t even have to fill the tank! This isn’t an affiliate link, I just think it’s a great idea for digital nomads and travelers alike.

Check out some of the prices (in US dollars) below for the Denver, Colorado area and look at the website to see if it’s already available in your area. Car2Go is in many major cities around the world and they accept International Driver’s Licenses!

I have never used this tool before but I only recently found it and will be using it on my next stay-cation. Let me know what you think!

car2go carsharing rates


Uber: Like a taxi service, but run by individuals employing themselves. Prices vary by area, weather, traffic, and times.

Lyft: Very similar to Uber, but the prices are arguably more competitive. Prices vary by area, weather, traffic, and times. From their website: “Enter any address, landmark, or city as your destination and we will instantly display all your travel and booking options, along with information about accommodation and things to do, in one convenient spot.” This may not account for funky transportation alternatives like gondolas and cable cars, so be sure to do a little extra research on the area’s options if you feel like something different.

Keep an eye out for free or paid bike stations (or businesses) provided by the city or individual enterprises. In Medellín, Colombia, for example, bikes are provided FREE; there are stations all over the big city to leave the bikes on rotation for anyone to use. Just one of the many reasons to love Medellín . . .


medellín colombia


This list is being updated often with more useful travel hacks to travel more for less. Have a tip of your own? Comment below or message me on my Instagram at @haileymorganf.


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travel hacks

workaway ideas

Independent Workaway Ideas To Travel For Almost Free

It’s one (beautiful) thing to travel with a fat bank account. But what if your followers could be your currency? Or better yet… your talents? What if you could stay in hotels across the world using work exchange alone? Drooling from the taste of freedom yet? What if I told you it’s easier done than we all once thought?

After workawaying my way with my blog and camera across Colombia, a bit of Mexico, and even one of the costlier cities in the Eastern USA (Miami), below I’ve laid out a list of work exchange ideas that are enjoyable and probably won’t seem like work to those who have a talent/skill for the one(s) they choose.

This article is for those who would rather pitch ideas to businesses outside of online platforms such as help.x and Though these are helpful, they are not free and come with less freedom and scalability than creating our own package with which to approach potential clients.

***Many, though not all, of the options below have the ability of earning an added salary in addition to a work exchange arrangement, which is up to the agreement of both parties involved, taking local laws into account. If you choose to do so, charging for your services in addition to receiving accommodation could mean you need a work visa for the country in which you are traveling. Remember to check your local government website for details on this before you leave your home country to work in another country. Many times you will need to apply for a work visa while in your home country months in advance to leaving.***

Without further ado, here are ways to use your talents and interests as a currency:



~ Tutor

Tutor people in any subject while living with the family in exchange. Check out or and other online communities and groups for opportunities and make it obvious that you are looking for a tutoring arrangement. Many times families want an “Au Pair” (a person who cares for children in another country in exchange for room and board) to come and speak your language with their kids so they can improve their language skills. No extra housework necessary.

~ Writer

Write city guides or publicize an honest and quality review for businesses on your blog or online presence in exchange for accommodation. No, you don’t need a huge following! Many times it helps businesses a TON just to tell your travel friends about them. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing.

~ Au Pair

Be a nanny (or teach your language/care for elders/whatever the arrangement) in any part of the world while receiving accommodation and food, depending on the arrangement.

~ Housesit / Petsit

Care for someone’s home and/or pet while they are on holiday and live in their home for as long as they are gone.

~ Camp Counselor 

Many times camp employees get accommodations on-site with an added hourly rate, depending on the camp and area.

~ Cruise Ship Employee 

Opportunities include bartending, instructing scuba diving, being a tour leader, MC, restaurant waiter, chef, etc. to name just a few. Hourly rate usually included.

~ Yacht Employee

Choose to be a bartender, waiter, chef, tour leader, scuba instructor, maid, blackjack dealer, liveaboard nanny etc. to name a few. Hourly rate usually included.


Exchange a few of your hours picking fruits and vegetables for a place to sleep and good healthy food to eat.




If none of these suit your fancy, find a societal need and make up a work exchange of your own.

As modern entrepreneurs, should you so choose to accept the title, we are allowed the freedom of organizing our own businesses in any and all niches we choose. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to expand their skillset in any way they desire and use their own personality to create a business.

As entrepreneurs, we must think outside the box.

We can essentially take any of our talents that would be of service to others and exchange them for hospitality. As long as we come at it from an organized and professional standpoint, be kind and thoughtful in our approach, and follow-through, the work exchange will flow smoothly and successfully… in most cases. There are no guarantees in life 😉

And keep in mind, the follow-through is arguably as important as the work itself. Keeping in touch with past clients can help you land another opportunity with them in the future, and/or help link you to other businesses you wouldn’t otherwise know about. Plus, it just means a lot to people when you remember them.


Here are some workaway package ideas for hotels and hostels worldwide. Please remember to be aware of the laws of the area(s) in which you are exchanging:



~ Create art (murals, fliers, banners, signs, menus, posters, websites, business cards, etc.) for businesses in desperate need of some ambience or online appeal.


workaway ideas
Art exchange in a new hostel in Bacalar, Mexico


~ Write honest business reviews on applicable online pages and/or publish it on your blog.

~ Write vacation guide articles and publish it on your or their website blog.


Check out an example of an area guide here done for a hostel in Colombia.


~ Take professional photos if you have a good camera and if their business photos online (or lack thereof) leave something to be desired.

~ Shoot and/or edit marketing videos for businesses.

~ Translate or edit a hotel or hostel’s restaurant menu in your language.

~ Manage the business’s social media.

~ Write a tour article detailing a description of the excursion they offer. This is a great way to participate in tours at no extra cost.


Example of a tour article here.


~ Be the company’s brand ambassador by partnering with them and helping them spread the word by using your following on social media.

~ Build furniture or technology for businesses still developing.

~ Join a monastery.

Okay, I put this one on here for laughs. Most of us don’t want to be monks. But really, it is an option.

Something a little more “realistic”, though, would be to go on a Vipassana Meditation Retreat, which are completely free across the world. Your meals and accommodation will be taken care of for over a week, while you meditate and transform your mind every single day. Your will is your ticket in and your silence is your rent. This type of commitment changes lives for the better, and it wouldn’t be free to anyone and everyone if it didn’t have a huge impact.

This is not sponsored! Just food for thought 🙂


Work commutes in Tuk-Tuks through palm tree paradise >>>


PRO TIP: Remember to be clear on what you believe your services are worth and what kind of arrangement you are looking for (this was something I skimped on in the beginning and looked a fool as a result). No need to lower the bar on yourself; just lay out what you think your services are honestly worth in exchange for what you are asking.

PRO TIP: It’s important to note that some ideas on this list are worth much more than others, so adjust your “package” accordingly. For example, taking professional photos of a business for their online presence could cost anything, depending on the country, the skill level of yourself and your camera, the specific area you are in, and the business itself.

These are just a number of factors that go into a fair exchange process, so do some organizing and thinking about the value of your skillset before you throw your precious energy into a work exchange situation.

Remember, YOU decide your worth, not your clients. So it is worth picking a number that is resonant with the energy that you put into the skills you are bringing to the table.

PRO TIP: On that note, it’s helpful to have a laid-out and organized document of the work exchange agreement you are offering to potential customers. It’s also extremely helpful to have an added document detailing the exact agreement of the work exchange and what is expected between both parties. This avoids future complications and simply ensures the most professional and thoughtful exchange for everyone involved.

PRO TIP: In this line of work (or almost any, for that matter), you are going to get a lot of “no”s. Remember your worth, learn from the situation, and move on to the next. If a business doesn’t like you or your prices, this is not time to immediately readjust the value of your package! Take criticism, if any, into account and simply be as flexible in your offer as it feels comfortable so that you can meet potential clients in the middle.


Online Resources: workaway


workaway resources workaway


workaway website


wwoof workaway



Making a living shouldn’t be gear-grinding and uninspiring. This is following your passions we’re talking about here. Work exchange is simply a fun alternative way of traveling to experiment with and maybe even pursue as a lifestyle. Anything we do in life that gives us energy and passion means we’re on the right track, or it wouldn’t feel so damn good in the first place! As Mary Oliver so eloquently puts it:


You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

Love what it loves.


Work exchanging is a skill and art in itself. The better we master this art—and if we got better at no other skill but this one—the more we automatically increase our value as entrepreneurs. Work exchange is a powerful thing. Freedom is a powerful thing, which is exactly what is magnified in our lives when we can use our skills and talents as a currency. Where will you go with your own expertise?

Or a better question: Where will your expertise take you?


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jaguar negro hostel

Jaguar Negro Hostel – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Situated only a minute’s walk from the beach, surrounded by palm trees and sunshine, Jaguar Negro has the perfect location for those looking to relax on the beach and hit up Fifth Avenue for some excitement.


jaguar negro hostel


The rooms are clean and well-stocked with large lockers with built-in locks to store your valuables. The kitchen is equipped with what you need to cook a quality meal, and there is a TV with comfortable seating for those nights you just want to stay in. The beds are comfortable, the location is fantastic, and the bathrooms were perfectly adequate for the three nights I stayed there.

The only things I would say weren’t ideal were the mosquitoes and the heat. Mosquitoes are heavier in Mexico; it kind of comes with the heat, so the owner is adding a fan and/or A/C in the near future. This is a new hostel, so when I arrived things were still being developed. I love staying at new hostels for the advantages they provide, the improvements I get to both witness and add to, and the ambience is much different than you would get in a strict hotel or hostel that I previously have experienced in Playa del Carmen.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at Jaguar Negro Hostel. I loved the art and atmosphere and the staff was friendly as well as accommodating. I would recommend this hostel to those coming to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to get a nice mix of relaxed beach vibes while still soaking up the excitement of the area. A short walk from all of the clubs and bars, yet still far enough away from the noise makes this a great selection for backpackers traveling around Mexico.


« 1 of 5 »




Accommodation was kindly provided by Jaguar Negro Hostel, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are my own 🙂

make money with a blog 2018

Ways to Make Money With A Blog in 2018

To write about your passions full-time is the dream, isn’t it? To spend your life focusing on something you actually enjoy and get paid for it? There is nothing comparable to the feelings and opportunities that can come from that.

Door after door opens with every single word you write; the opportunities are a dime a dozen–in the blogging industry, especially. Writing is the easy(ish) part. Organizing everything and setting yourself up to make money from it? Therein lies the challenge. But as they say: nothing worth it ever came easy, and blogging is no exception. The good news is you’ll find that the climb is and should be a fun one.

The joy is in the journey, not the destination.


Ready to start your blog? Click here for your complete guide to begin a blog in 2018.


Below is your guide in ways to make money with your blog in 2018.


Sell your own products.

Some examples include:

– eBooks

– Products

– Coaching

– Tutorials or recipe books

– Art

– Jewelry

– Merchandise around your personal brand

– Music

– Software

– Photos


Sell products for other people.

There’s this beautiful thing called affiliate marketing. You don’t need your own product or service, just as long as you have an audience to broadcast to. Many companies will accept your partnership no matter your blog’s size.

Affiliate marketing is selling for other people, only instead of fulfilling the orders yourself, like with drop shipping, you get a commission by creating content centered around the product or service you are advertising. Some quality examples are Bluehost web hosting service and Amazon Associates.


Sell (or exchange) your services.

Examples include:


– Photography

– Photo & Video Editing

– Teaching writing or blogging

– Instagram Influencer Training

– Business or Life Coaching

– Graphic Design


– Copyrighting

– Marketing

– Programming

– Financial Services



These all could be paid jobs, but please do not underestimate the power of work exchange! Many (quality) hostels, hotels, restaurants, and other services are looking for situations in which they can provide their service in exchange for yours. This is how I got a few different stays at some beautiful hotels in gorgeous locations (pictured below).

Just think: you could help a new spa get publicity using your blog just by writing reviews on a massage and facial they provide without charge. The best part is, you and the “employer” get to set the rules, and usually this means you get to receive and give perks you otherwise wouldn’t in a paid situation.

This type of arrangement is NOT just for those who need money. A lot of times these situations are way more fun than a paid agreement, not only because you are both benefitting in unique and substantial ways, but also because it is extremely liberating to pay for things with your talent over your money. Once you experience work trade for yourself using your own services, you’ve just opened up a huge doorway to opportunities everywhere. Your mind is your only limit, so keeping it wide open will attract more opportunities into your experience.


how to make money on your blog
Kantarrana Casa de Campo Ecohotel (📍Jardín, Colombia)


how to make money on your blog
Hosteria La Valdivia (📍Jardín, Colombia) – click the picture for their website



Click here to start a blog of your own.



how to make money on your blog
Kolibrí Hostel (📍Pereira, Colombia) – click the picture for their website


Make videos and sell them.

How to Play the Guitar, or How to Draw, or even How to Make Money While Traveling are some examples that may or may not be saturated with content, so think about expanding (or narrowing down) on topics and adding your own twist that will benefit people.

The possibilities are endless. Take examples from yourself: what kind of tutorials were you looking for at any point in your life? What are you really good at that others aren’t, but would like to be?


Charge for access to updated and valuable content on your website.

Services you could offer include any of the mentioned ones above, organized in a page or “library” type format.

The possibilities to monetize a blog are endless and the list is still growing with the Internet Age. The more value you give and the farther your reach, the more value you will receive in return.

I’m sure your own life has taught you in some way that what goes up must come down. Similarly, what goes around comes back around. This doesn’t just apply to a ball thrown in the air. If you give and people are willing and open to receive, you will be repaid with proportional abundance. It’s proven science 🙂 makes a great point: Ask yourself “What can I offer people that’s worth 10X what I charge?”

Answer that, deliver on your promises, and watch the money roll in.


A note on Sales Funnels:

Sales funnels work by providing free and valuable content to readers, building trust and obtaining their email in exchange for more free content (like an eBook, software, video course, etc.) and then later down the line sending product offers for people to purchase. This is one of the best ways to make money in the blogging industry, no matter your niche, and it can all be automated by computers managing your email list and recommending pages to users based on what they read on your blog.

I won’t go into sales funnels here; that’s an article in and of itself, but it is worth it to think about and research a bit for when you are ready to take on that sleeping giant.


This list is frequently being updated with ways to make money with a blog in 2018. Did I miss something? How do you have an income from your website?


Do you know someone seeking an income from their blog? Please consider sharing 🙂

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make money with a blog 2018


Don’t have a blog, but want to get started? Click this link for the complete guide on how to start a blog in 2018.


make money traveling

Ways to Make a Remote Income

Have you been baited by words like “financial freedom” & “location independence”? Do you want to travel the world making beach towels and cozy AirBnBs your office?

In these days we call the internet age, a steady remote income is a lot easier to make than you may think. By “remote income”, I am referring to jobs including, but not limited to requiring your physical presence to get paid; the types of jobs you can do with your computer. Below is your guide to making a living while traveling the world.


~ If you’re good with a camera and have a portfolio of some sort to show, look at businesses online (AirBnbs, hostels, small hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) in need of good photos and ask for a fair price in exchange for quality photos.

~ Sell your photos on Shutterstock or Foap. These are some of the most popular, but there are plenty of others to pick through.

~ Create and sell an ebook on something, anything you’re good at. It’s actually way easier than you think these days with self-publishers like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

~ Broadcast yourself live and talk to people through apps like If people like you and/or your talent (which could be anything from eating a slice of pizza to belly dancing in a hula hoop), you can recieve gifts and even get paid.

~ Participate in paid focus groups. Many people will pay you for your time in studies involving groups of people. Studies can involve your presence or it could be just a simple phone call or online survey. There are thousands across the internet so it’s advisable to research company reviews beforehand.

~ Make and physically (as in, not online) sell artisan crafts like jewelry, journals, shoes, bags, wire art, art made from palm leaves, whatever you think people would enjoy. I’ve met a good amount of people along the road who do this successfully and live comfortably from it. Everyone loves a good piece of art!

~ Freelance write/web design/copyright/graphic design/etc. remotely for companies with content mill websites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour. Or, if you prefer a more personal approach, contact companies directly that are hiring and pitch some good ideas for them. Job boards and other freelance resources are included in a separate document (coming soon!).

~ Take online surveys (time consuming but they do pay). Read reviews of the company first with a quick internet search – just like there are plenty of good guys, there are plenty of scams out there that will take your time and withhold your payment.

~ Submit stories to websites like BuzzFeed and List Verse. Plenty of businesses take stories and articles from people who have no experience writing professionally. They just want a good story. At (often times) a hundred bucks a pop or more, it could be worth the time & competition.

~ Drop ship products. Advertise and sell goods or services that other people are making.

~ Flip websites, flip articles, flip anythingggg online. This means taking something that could be much better by applying your expertise. Don’t have any website design skills? Think out of the box. You could flip a hotel’s social media page and improve their sales reach.

~ Scour Craigslist-like gigs. Many countries have classifieds websites like Craigslist that list paid gigs around the area you’re traveling.

~ Sell something with inventory you don’t need to touch (like your travel photos) on Shopify or Etsy or your own website.

~ Be a social media ambassador for a business. Market their products or services in exchange for commission.

~ Review businesses in exchange for their good or service.

~ Start a blog. Get paid through affiliate links (links to products for a pay-per-click or commission base pay), sponsorship, advertising, etc.

~ Edit or translate restaurant menus.

~ Open an online store and sell designs on merchandise like T-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, etc. using fulfillment services like Printful or Zazzle.

~ Teach English (or your preferred language) online. No, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to participate.

~ Teach or tutor a skill online through websites like Skillshare.

~ Be a transcriptionist. Use content mills like Freelancer or Upwork to transcribe audio into a word document. If you prefer a little less competition and/or you are still in the process of building your portfolio, use a specific transcription service like TranscribeMe.

~ Be a mystery shopper. Many organizations like Gigwalk will pay people to collect information about products and services near you. Yes, you can get paid to shop!

~ Create a brand, grow a following, and use ads to make money. Relevant platforms include YouTube, Instagram, and/or a personal blog.

~ Work in customer support for a company that allows you a remote position. Uber, for example, is a good choice if you like to travel, enjoy helping people solve problems, and wouldn’t mind some transportation rewards.

~ Get sponsored. No, you don’t have to be insta-famous or a blogger, necessarily. Opportunities for sponsorships are endless and they’re a dime a dozen. Open your mind to the possibilities and have fun with it! This blogging couple was offered a job by to travel and work in all 50 states and it only took a single email to get. How fun would that be?! Working odd jobs you actually enjoy and getting your expenses taken care of along the way?

Another idea is to pick a product, service, or general company you’d like to represent. For example, Chacos Sandals sponsored a couple’s trip to all 59 National State Parks. Use the talents you were given and think big! You just might get it.

~ Test websites. Lots of websites out there need people like you to test their website and get paid to find bugs and glitches. Here’s a great article to check out if you want to go down this rabbit hole.




PRO TIP: It’s wise not to spread yourself too thin with the jobs you pick from above. Choose one or two to start with and develop the skills to take your income to higher levels than if you picked five and developed them all in the same amount of time.


Freedom from the matrix is possible: it takes guts, a little elbow grease, and a healthy drive for financial and emotional independence. I’m trusting these ways to make a remote income has got your brain cooking up something good. Now go be free, little birdie!!


This list is being frequently updated with new ideas, so what did I miss? How do you make an income online?


If you like this article like it likes you, you may also enjoy . . .



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Kantarrana Casa de Campo – Jardín, Colombia

Fall asleep to the sounds of the rushing river, breathe in the fresh air the surrounding plethora of plants are constantly purifying, and sleep soundly and safely tucked away in the jungle outside the center of Jardín, Colombia.

The nature here is incredible. I saw a frog on the balcony hopping it’s way to his room, and combined with the amount of bamboo, fruit trees, and colorful flowers, ecohotel Kantarrana inspires feels of The Jungle Book.

This hotel has to be my favorite so far. It’s the little things that add up to a fantastic stay, and this one had numerous. Upon my arrival, I was greeted with smiles and taken to a cozy room for one or two, fully-equipped with a feeling of home. The bed is comfortable, the surrounding seating overlooks the river just a few meters away, and the traditional breakfast is included in the price of the room.

Wake up well-rested to the rushing river snuggled under cozy blankets and head out to the dining area to watch the cows graze on the steep hillside while you graze on a delicious breakfast. including eggs with tomato and onion, arepa, cheese, bread, a banana, tree tomato juice, and coffee.

Parking is available on-site for those who wish to come by car and tours to caves and waterfalls are available for arrangement through the front desk. There’s also a river nearby to explore the incredible views, leaving guests with endless things to do despite being a taxi ride away from the center of Jardin.

The hotel has several rooms of different types. If you’re a couple looking for a nature getaway, with the option of enjoying a jacuzzi bathtub or a nearby steam room, outdoor jacuzzi, and a massage, Kantarrana is a great choice. If you’re a party group and wish to stay in the same room for a more economical price, check out the dormitory room. Otherwise, you can stay in one of the uniquely decorated one-to-two person rooms, bathroom with hot shower included. Best for those who appreciate the incredible diversity of nature and culture Jardín, Colombia has to offer.

Accommodation and breakfast was kindly provided by Kantarrana Casa de Campo, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are my own 🙂

Ready to book? Hit the affiliate banner below:

New to Here’s $20 for the both of us toward your first reservation on 🙂 Thanks in advance! :*

what to do in Pereira, Colombia

What To Do In & Around Pereira, Colombia

Looking for a few ways to fill your Pereira itinerary? While the city of over half a million residents may be a hub for parties and dancing, any big Colombian city can provide those basics. It’s the nature  and culture that truly make this city different from it’s close counterparts, Medellín and Dosquebradas. Take your picks below on what to do in Pereira and the surrounding little pueblos (Spanish equivalent for village or town).

Tour a coffee or tea farm

This is coffee region we are talking about, but coffee isn’t the only thing on the menu. See how some of the best coffee and tea in the world is grown and harvested.

coffee everywhere 😍

Sample exotic fruits


Eating a Guayaba-Manzana in El Valle de Cocora


Head towards the center of Pereira, near the plaza featuring a naked Simon Bolivar riding on a horse and you’ll find plenty of little shops and kiosks made JUST for fruits and vegetables for all your exotic tastes, including fruits the size of your head and endless bananasssss!!!!!!!!!





Palleta Factory

Enjoy typical Colombian food, ejecutivo-style (a variety of popular Colombian foods on one plate, pictured below)…


…and a delicious Palleta – a dessert made of exotic fruits. Chocolate is optional, if that suits your fancy! My meal here was some of the best I’ve had in Colombia, and the passionfruit & chocolate palleta was unreal.


Take a bike tour

(or rent one with Kolibrí Hostel to explore on your own) around the town to enjoy street art, check a couple more incredible churches off your list, try a few exotic fruits next to Simón Bolívar’s bare butt on a horse statue, and experience culture shock at it’s finest.


Tour Pereira’s Art Museum

If a more professional taste of the arts—like famous Colombian artist Botero, theatre, and gastronomy—suits you better than the incredible graffiti plastered all over the city’s walls, make a stop at the art museum. Take a look at activities on their website to see what’s going on the day you go. At just a dollar a pop (or less if you’re a student), many have reported it as worth the trip!

Bioparque Bonita Farm

For the hardcore nature wanderers, this one is for you. Experience rare and beautiful species of birds, butterflies, reptiles, and more in the flesh.


More things to do a little farther off of the Pereira trail:


Santa Rosa Hot Springs


What a VIEW! In the middle of the jungle, surrounded by striking plants, birds, and butterflies lies a hidden paradise waiting for your visit. Relax in the cleansing hot springs while enjoying the view of the incredible waterfall dispersing it’s clean water across the rocks to make for one of the widest and most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.

After you’ve warmed up in the thermal pools, enjoy an authentic waterfall shower — the water isn’t even that cold!! Pictures can do it better justice… though the experience is, of course, best enjoyed in person.


Bus ride to Santa Rosa de Cabal – Chiva-style


To get there, take a bus from the Transportation Terminal in Pereira (about a 20 minute walk from the hostel) to Santa Rosa, then take another bus, jeep, or taxi to Santa Rosa de Cabal to the thermals. There are other options for hot springs along the way, but these are said to be some of the best.


La Florida

In a town less than a half hour outside of Pereira, explore the natural reserve home to several waterfalls and over 90 different unique species of birds, 13 of which are unique to this area alone. Stay long enough and you might just catch a glimpse of a monkey or two.

El Valle de Cocora in Salento

A little pueblo less than an hour’s bus ride from the Pereira’s Transportation Terminal, and hike (or rent a horse) through some of the tallest palm trees in the world situated in the clouds of a Colombian mountain range.


End the day exploring the little town and enjoying unique coffee shops and artisan crafts in shops straight from Picasso’s dreams.


Otun Lagoon

Situated at quite a drive from Pereira’s center, but the magnificent views and nature here are a treat for nature-lovers. Here is one of a handful of places around the world you’ll find the famous Paramos: plants that collect water from the clouds.

Parque de Los Nevados

Pretty far from the city center, but I thought I’d add it to the list as it is a unique experience hiking up a snowy mountain in the middle of the lush land that is Colombia’s ejecafetero (coffee triangle) and I’m told it’s an accomplishment like no other!


Don’t let this list stop you from finding other hidden gems around the city, I am sure I missed some! Here’s hoping this got your itinerary cookin’ on things to do in Colombia. Enjoy!!


Did I miss something? What do you enjoy doing while traveling Colombia?