Kolibrí Hostel – Pereira, Colombia

  Combining city life with a touch of art and nature, Kolibrí Hostel has some of the best accommodation options available for a wide range of budgets and interests. I always say it’s the little things that add up, and Kolibrí has covered virtually every one of them, exceeding my expectations. Without becoming too industrialized, […]

Hotel Hosteria La Valdivia

La Valdivia has all your homely needs, whether you wish to have a private cabana to yourself overlooking the lake, or a private room overlooking the gorgeous flowers that call Colombia home. Comfortable rooms and friendly staff allow for a great stay in the outskirts of Jardín. As this is Jardín (Spanish for garden) we […]

Tour A Colombian Coffee Farm – Jericó, Colombia

Straight from a storybook came Gabriel and Estela, a happy and healthy older couple living and breathing a remote Colombian coffee farm. They cultivate their crops and land so that their land can cultivate them. Gabriel and Estela make extra money doing coffee tours through a local coffee shop in Jericó, Colombia called El Saturia. […]

La Gruta Restaurante & Bar – Jericó, Colombia

What I ate: Colombians have all sorts of names for traditional dishes and I almost never know what to order because there are so many, so I let my friend from El Saturia, a coffee shop near where I am staying in Jericó decide: Beef–I know I sort of vouch for vegetarians, but it’s worth […]

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