El Hamaquero – EcoHotel in Paradise

El Hamaquero – EcoHotel in Paradise

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With the ocean as your backyard, worries seem too far away to notice while staying at El Hamaquero, a tropical eco-hotel located on an island called Isla de Rosario off the coast of Colombia, South America. Book yourself a private room in a cabaña or mingle with dorm mates in one of the mixed rooms; either way the ocean and it’s constant breeze will certainly make its way into your dreams.

With an outdoor kitchen including a refrigerator, stove, and all essentials for cooking your food (best brought from the mainland), it may just be your new home away from home. Not interested in cooking? Delicious meals are served at great prices by staff at the Bed & Breakfast. If you’re looking to avoid the tourist trap that is Playa Blanca during the day, this separated island called Isla de Rosario is the best choice for you. There’s plenty of room for everyone on this island, including bioluminescent algae: beautiful organisms that sparkle in the water with a simple splash. As the locals say, it’s like a party in the water :)

Hospitable staff, beautiful views, clean and well-kept rooms, El Hamaquero is perfect for those with a tight budget, and those without. Snorkeling is easily accessible as the coral sits in the backyard and snorkeling equipment is available to borrow for free.

When arriving on the island, it is advisable to follow directions carefully for which boat company to choose and how to get to the eco-hotel or you WILL be stuck walking through the jungle with your luggage like myself. Even if the driver does say “of course” when you ask if he knows where El Hamaquero is. But if you’re a bit of a wild child and like the jungle, then Hakuna Matata :)


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