How to Focus Your Dream Life Into Fruition

How to Focus Your Dream Life Into Fruition



I get it, it’s just a spiral. We all can draw a spiral right? But if you’re a bit OCD like myself and enjoy better visual readability, click the image & save it (Ctrl + click + save image) then go to the document & hit file + print.


What’s the point of a focus spiral?


Why should we care about focusing? Seems like such a simple thing to make a whole article about…

Make no mistake. The power of the mind is not to be misunderstood. Above anything, we focus to feel better. Maybe that sounds like a boring answer, but anything we are trying to achieve is a desire of ours because we want to feel better in the having of it, anyway.

But let’s be real. When we want something, focusing is what is going to get us to the destination we want. Focus lets us rewire our brains to take us, through action, to a preferable manifestation.

It took repetition of negative thoughts to establish limiting beliefs in our minds, so it takes repetition of positive thoughts to reverse them.

Where focus goes, energy flows. Like attracts like. Thoughts become things.


There was a study once. Three groups of basketball players were separated; one group practiced daily, another focused on shooting free-throws solely in their minds, imagining the ball going in every time. The last group did nothing at all. The group who practiced mentally with no physical practice, improved their free throws the most, with the group who solely practiced physically coming in second, and the group who didn’t practice at all unsurprisingly did not improve. You can see that study here.

If you’re still skeptical, I recommend trying the study on yourself. Belief is what backs manifestations, so we’ll need plenty of it ;)

For every thought there is a physical equivalent and as we are creating constantly, it makes loads of sense to create positive things in our lives. Like a focus wheel, created & coined by Abraham Hicks (who you can learn more about here), a focus spiral helps us focus our thoughts positively around a goal we are striving towards. Plus, sometimes making a plan in our heads leads to a forgotten goal.

Even when we write it on paper, it doesn’t always stick. By writing it down and focusing on it for a good amount of time, similar thoughts and vibrations are attracted to us faster through the Law of Attraction.

SIDE NOTE: If it’s money we are striving towards, it’s much more effective to focus on abundance, rather than money, because whether we want to admit it or not, we always have abundance in some form.

You’ll find we always have something to be thankful for, whether that’s an abundance of sunshine or an abundance of love from friends and family. Any type of abundance we focus on long enough will bring us more. It is Law.




  • In the center, place a positive-feeling statement that’s TRUE. The feeling the statement brings is important, so make sure it’s a good one. If your affirmation is “I have the abundance that I desire” and you don’t feel the truth of it, you are focused on the lack of abundance and will therefore bring yourself more lack through the Law of Attraction. Lying to our monkey mind doesn’t work. We don’t want to trick our subconscious mind; we want to work with it.


  • Pay attention to the way you feel as you do this. When you feel yourself lowering in vibration, find the better-feeling thought. Where focus goes, energy flows. Negative brings more negative and positive brings more positive, it’s Law!


  • Continue writing true affirmations as you keep affirming further out from the spiral’s center. The further out from the center you write, place affirmations you consciously believe, yet still need to practice to show your subconscious mind you truly believe it (by repetition and overwriting your previous thought programs).


  • If you’re having trouble coming up with true statements, here are some affirmations to get started (so long as they feel true to you!):


“I attract abundance into my life.”

“I am abundant in love.”

“I attract abundance when I am focused on a state of abundance.”

“I love to live.”

“I attract the energy I put out.”

“I am constantly improving.”

“I enjoy focusing on prosperity.”

“I am worthy of abundance.”

“Miracles happen everywhere at all times.”

“I love feeling I am in alignment.”

“I am connected to the universal flow of abundance.”

“Only good things lie before me.”

“I enjoy living in this body.”


…& for more pretty affirmations, click this link!


to enjoy views like this…


  • Once your spiral is filled, read over it and feel the truth of your affirmations again. The more you affirm these thoughts to yourself, the faster you overwrite your old, negative beliefs. It’s helpful to look at your previous focus spirals, but even more helpful to just keep making new ones. Really, the format isn’t important. Sometimes I try to make a focus spiral and it just turns out to be a “focus page” with a bunch of scattered affirmations everywhere. But it works!


What are you creating? :)


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