Best Foods for Your Best Thoughts (Travel Style)

Best Foods for Your Best Thoughts (Travel Style)

There’s no more doubt. Our gut health is linked to our head health. What we feed our bodies determines how we feel throughout the day. Feed your body right and you feed your soul right.

I realize not all of us hug trees and eat plants all day, but for those of us who do or would like to start and are lacking ideas, the list below is a good start. As much as the next person, I know how difficult it can be to eat well, which is why it’s so important to choose the foods you enjoy. Eating should be fun all the time, no matter what you’re eating.


The benefits of a whole foods diet are incredible when you experience it firsthand:

  • skyrockets energy levels so we can party more
  • improves mental clarity, which increases positivity, which improves your travels (and life)
  • helps decrease tolerance to plant and synthetic chemicals (tea, coffee, medicine, etc.) – no I’m not condoning any of these!! But we all have our vices…
  • balances hormone levels
  • strengthens the immune system so we can party more
  • boosts mood so we can party more
  • uses less money in the long run
  • guilt & stress-free
  • ^^^ consequently look and feel younger because of all of the above ^^^^



**Keep in mind, these foods fill you up much longer than traditional processed foods like bread, pasta, and crackers. Therefore, you will save money not only on monthly grocery bills but also on doctor bills down the road.



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Below is a list of ideas for whole foods to love that come straight from the plant or ground itself, and are usually convenient, inexpensive, healthy, and widely available in most countries while you’re traveling Earth.


Legumes & Grains:

= Beans
= Lentils
= Peas (of all kinds)
= Amaranth
= Quinoa
= Rice
= Oatmeal – think outside the box with these. Sure, plain pooridge is boring and pretty tasteless but pooridge with different fruits each day isn’t. Bored of sweet oats? Add some seasoning and vegetables like you would a stir fry. Don’t be afraid to mix your leftovers into your oats. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.
= Honey (for non-vegans)

Nuts & Seeds:

= Pistachios
= Walnuts
= Almonds
= Peanuts
= Pecans
= Cashews
= Brazil Nuts
= Filberts
= Chia Seeds
= Sesame Seeds
= Sunflower Seeds
= Pumpkin Seeds
= Flaxseed (can actually be used to replace egg!!)



Fresh Fruit:

= Apples &
= Oranges specifically, since they don’t spoil quickly, they can be carried around without bruising too much, and they are convenient to eat.


Dried Fruit:

lightweight, bruise-proof, and nutritiously delicious (Without added sugar, preferably).
= Tamarind Pods (Tamarindos) – a type of fruit which comes naturally dried in its pod and
typically has a sour to sour-sweet to sweet taste.

…& Frozen Fruit:

like grapes, mangoes, pineapple, etc. Some other fruits just don’t last as well in an ice box such as blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.


= Tomatoes (if you still consider it a veggie these days)
= Carrots
= Bell Peppers
= Cucumbers (fruit or veggie? wait, what are they calling a vegetable these days??)
= Asparagus
= Brussel Sprouts
= Eggplant
= Avocados (supposedly these are fruit too and I’m just gonna give up on fruit/vegetable labels from now on)
= Potatoes (all types)
= Yucca
= Garlic
= Onions
= Mushrooms


= Broccoli
= Cauliflower
= Peas
= Corn

…in frozen form as they taste quite similar to fresh and usually are a good deal in grocery stores.

Obviously any vegetables will do while traveling, but these are most commonly available in grocery stores around the world and are what have worked for me while traveling long-term.


If, like myself, you’ve given up butter and milk in favor of the cows and your health, here is my small list of oils I use to cook while traveling:

= Olive Oil – good for cooking with low heat & healing sunburnt, peeling skin
= Coconut Oil – good for cooking with low heat & preventing sunburnt skin (at SPF 9 it needs frequent reapplication and added protection in intense heat)
= Sesame Oil – for low heat cooking
= Avocado Oil – also good for high heat cooking & helps lock a healthy amount of moisture in your skin when applied topically

Season with:

= Paprika
= Cumin
= Basil
= Red Pepper Flakes
= Black Pepper
= Himalayan/Sea/Black Salt
= Curry Powder
= Cinnamon
= Thyme
= Turmeric
= Garlic Powder
= Onion Powder


Top It Off With:

= Dark Chocolate ~ possibly better than donuts when you’re in a country that specializes in chocolate (Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, etc.); bonus points if you get it from a chocolate museum and do the tour.
= Tea
= Coffee
= Kombucha (fermented tea that can replace a pop habit–shop around for your favorite because the options are endless and some taste delicious and some taste like crap)

= Good ol’ water – alkalized is the healthiest. Add some lemon juice to easily alkalize and remember a lot of tap water around the world has harmful bleach chemicals to kill germs.

Here’s what I use to filter my water of virtually any pathogen and/or chemicals while traveling:

…and YES, it even worked in Mexico :) Works with river water, too!! Just don’t try it with ocean water or you’ll clog it and cost yourself a replacement filter.


(I’m vouching for these guys through the Amazon Affiliate Program and am glad to do so as this is the best filter I have ever had, especially for travel)


This list is growing so if you have any whole & convenient foods that you enjoy, please share!!!


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