Hotel Hosteria La Valdivia

Hotel Hosteria La Valdivia

La Valdivia has all your homely needs, whether you wish to have a private cabana to yourself overlooking the lake, or a private room overlooking the gorgeous flowers that call Colombia home. Comfortable rooms and friendly staff allow for a great stay in the outskirts of Jardín.

As this is Jardín (Spanish for garden) we are talking about, looking around the property, you’ll see an endless diversity of plants. The trees and exotic flowers are spectacular against the backdrop of enormous Colombian mountains. The gardening job is heavenly; it seems this place has a lot of love put into it.

Along with the thousands of plant species, the hotel has unique decorations everywhere, something to appreciate as a nice break from industrialized hotels with white everything and staff that feels more like servants than friends. At Hosteria La Valdivia, it’s more about feeling at home while still getting a taste of something different.

The lake stands as a centerpiece to the 60 hectares (around 148 acres) of land the hotel owner utilizes for guests, though it was in construction while I stayed at the hotel with plans to finish an island in the center for bonfires within the next couple of months. Three streams and a small waterfall exists on the property and sits not far from the main building and a guide will bring you and snacks to enjoy the rushing water and gorgeous Colombian wildlife.

In case nature walks aren’t your or your family’s cup of tea, lots of kid-friendly features dot the huge property, including a trampoline, a kids play set, swings, a small soccer field, a volleyball net, and plenty of outdoor seating for the restaurant and barbecue. They even have a gorgeous and colorful vivero, Spanish for plant nursery. It really displays the talent and ambition this place employed for their hotel.

The owner was interested to know what I liked and on what could be improved, which honestly was difficult to find. It shows me a lot when business owners care about how they could better their business for the benefit of their clients. With plans to add a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a steam room in addition to the lake, the hotel is kept busy working to accommodate guest recommendations.

Staff was super friendly and accommodating, making sure I had all that I needed. As this hotel sits about a 5-10 minute Tuk Tuk ride from the center of Jardin, it is more geared toward guests looking to escape the hustle bustle of city life looking to enjoy nature and fresh mountain air. It might be a bit more difficult for guests without reliable transportation looking to explore the center of town, though taxis and Tuk Tuks can be easily arranged.

The lively restaurant on-site has delicious and popular Colombian food accompanied by traditional decorations and music typical to Colombia. This place has done a great job of showing me they take pride in their customer’s satisfaction through any means necessary, from the clever wall pieces to the enormous amount of landscaping this place accomplishes, but pictures can tell a better story…

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Accommodation and meal was kindly provided by La Hosteria Valdivia, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are my own 🙂

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