How Much Do Things Cost in Jericó, Colombia?

How Much Do Things Cost in Jericó, Colombia?

…a bag of small red potatoes, two bags of lentils, arepa de chocolo (sweet corn tortillas), cheese, yuca (a root vegetable like a potato), an onion, garlic, a head of broccoli, and a coconut, all for $COP 11.000 – USD 3.74 – EUR 3.17.


Relatively, Colombia is an overall inexpensive country and ironically it is blessed with everything the country could want or need.

Jericó, Colombia is a story inside a whole other book of Colombia’s. Not only are there sunshine and rainbows from the mud to the sky, they have a culture that has inspired me to call this pueblo (the Spanish word for town) one of the happiest places in the world. Discover what Jericó has to offer and why it’s so damn happy!

Below is an outline of what things cost in Jericó as of October 2017:



Hostel: $COP 25.000 – USD 8.53 – EUR 7.22 per person, per night

Hotel: $COP 30.000 – USD 10.24 – EUR 8.66 per person, per night






A bundle of assorted vegetables from the store: $COP 5,000-10,000 – USD 1.71-2.89 – EUR 1.44-3.41







A bunch of exotic fruits from the little kiosks in the main square: ~ $COP 7,000 – USD – EUR






Eggs: 15 eggs for $COP 6,000 – USD 2.05 – EUR 1.73




Medium bag of assorted nuts: ~ $COP 8,000 – USD 2.73 – EUR 2.31




Loaf of bread: ~ $COP 5,000 – USD 1.71 – EUR 1.44 





Water (free & delicious from the tap)





Coffee: ~ COP$ 2,500 – USD 0.85 – EUR 0.72 per cup at a coffee shop,

~ $COP 5,000 – $COP 10,000 – USD 1.71-2.89 – EUR 1.44-3.41 per generic brand bag at the store






A large bottle of Aguardiente: ~ COP$32.000 – USD 10.92 – EUR 9.24








Bottle of beer:

~ COP$ 2,500 – USD 0.85 – EUR 0.72 






Transportation to/from Medellin: ~ $COP 15.000 – USD 5.12 – EUR 4.33 in a shuttle van



For quality vegetables, fruits, and most of your culinary needs, head to MercaFácil, located on the street facing all the jeeps for public transport, bordering the main square of Jericó. It’s convenient, good quality, and the staff has always been friendly every time I visit. They should have everything you need.

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