Love & Connection Affirmations

Love & Connection Affirmations

I belong in this world and am a part of Mother Nature.

I am at peace with my surroundings, with the people and events that occur.

I am at home in this universe.

I find my own happiness before meeting with others so that I can allow my own happiness to be emphasized by and to emphasize others’ happiness.

Those who do not give me what I want are allowing me to connect with my true resources.

I am happiest in the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.

I am love.

Abundance flows in and out of my life through endless sources on a continuous basis.

I am abundance.

I find new and exciting ways to help people everyday.

I radiate love and prosperity in everything that I do.

I embrace the good and the bad because I know both serve me in positive ways.

I love myself, including the flaws.

I am in synchronicity with the abundant energy Source.

I trust my intuition to care for me.

I attract healthy relationships.

I am certain my inner being and the universe are bringing to me what I desire.

I welcome clarity.

I design my life.

I take my infinite power back.

I automatically fill other cups when I fill my own.

I experience love everyday.

Today is a gift.

My heart is full of light and peace.

I become more loving everyday.

I become more lovable everyday.

My abundance income is always increasing.

There is plenty of abundance for everyone.

I love to inspire myself to accomplish fun tasks that help others.

My job is to help others.

I love to inspire people to live happier.

I have compassion for myself.

My life gets more incredible everyday.

I am prosperous in love in my life.

I am prosperous in joy in my life.

I am prosperous in beauty in my life.


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