Mother Nature’s Stadium ~ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

Mother Nature’s Stadium ~ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

With acoustics and a backdrop only our planet herself can create, Red Rocks is the perfect venue for activities that light your earthly desires. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is utilized daily for countless activities; anything from yoga & meditation to concerts, running, obstacle courses, reading, writing, stargazing, eating, even tailgating! The possibilities are endless if your mind is open to them. Views of the stage from each of the 9,525 seats are virtually unobstructed, making the locale practically flawless for the purpose for which it was designed.

Park-goers are unlikely to get bored at Red Rocks. On Saturdays in the summers, enjoy group “Yoga on the Rocks” on the steps in front of a skilled yogi on stage. Remember to get your tickets weeks, if not months in advance as the class sells out quickly at $14 a session.
Top your Saturday yoga off with an ice cold water and a hearty meal at the restaurant built into the red boulders of the park, featuring tasty selections, reasonable prices, and stunning views of the mountains while cooling off at their indoor or outdoor seating. Along with an elegantly casual restaurant, the park team offers “Fitness Challenges”, “Films on the Rocks”, and has artists scheduled daily to perform, usually rain or shine. Entrance to the park is free and shows have tickets available for purchase online to enjoy at the amphitheater. Check their website at for more visitor info.

Red Rocks is home to countless life-changing events in artistic history, many on display in the visitor center. Tons of legendary artists like The Beach Boys, Tom Petty, Muse, and Dave Chappelle all have either performed here or are in the running to perform and display some amazing natural acoustics under their own artistic light. Hearing the rocks echo your talent back to you creates an atmosphere that cannot be matched, which explains why big names appear at Red Rocks weekly, if not daily in the Summer concert season. The theater area closes for setup at different times of the day depending on the performance, so it’s advisable to check the regularly updated calendar on their website before going. You’ll also manage to avoid some of the crowds which can be difficult to navigate in some areas.

Mountains endlessly line the landscape in a 360 degree view & Denver can be seen in the dusty distance, but the best views can only be accomplished by hiking the most steps, and there are a lot of steps at Red Rocks. If you’re looking to avoid at least some of the thousands that exist on-site (we are talking about huge rocks here), be sure to drive to the higher entrance.


If you’re the more curious type and are open to a few more steps than the average park explorer, hiking trails wrap around the park and are available to those with the spirit for it. The views and pictures are worth the climb. Take a closer look into the grooves of the sandstone and you’ll find lots of different colors of lichens, which are expanses of soft moss-like organisms that cover parts of the rocks like a coat of peeling paint. Birds, lizards, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, and the occasional bear or elk adorn the park and allow one to become absorbed in the surroundings, with unmatched views anywhere else on the planet.

Colorado was gifted this incredible piece of territory and prefers to maintain it along with its record as one of the cleanest states in the USA. The Colorado region is prone to ozone difficulties in the summers due to dry, intense heat & it is encouraged to carpool to the park and leave nothing behind. It is apparent staff are vigilant in picking up stray trash left by rude visitors, but it’s simply kinder and healthier to everyone to keep your trash and belongings with you or throw it in designated bins to avoid polluting the ecosystem to begin with and maintaining the pristine land conditions we were handed. When one sees the park, it is obvious why preserving the ecosystem is so important. With gorgeous views and acoustics from Beethoven’s dreams, Red Rocks still is and continues to be one of Mother Nature’s most valuable venues.

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