Reroute Your Fear

Reroute Your Fear

My favorite movies growing up always had a lesson that went way over my head. “Beetlejuice” and “The Little Mermaid” has educational value, I swear! Ever notice the way the plot crescendoes into a symphony of events, leading to a peak idea, and falling in drama from there? The way a car takes off with an initial burst of energy and slows down, breaking steadily in order to plummet it’s speed?

There is a metaphor in everything and by seeing it in relation to momentum, we can relate to and learn from anything. Before tackling fear, we gotta work with it. Before working with it, we gotta understand it. And fear, as it turns out, pairs perfectly with the concept of momentum.

Fear has momentum.

It begins with a small thought vibration and the more we focus on that thought, the more details we add to that fear. The Law of Attraction (a proven law of the universe which functions by perpetually attracting more of what we focus on) makes it a sure thing that that which we focus on has more following it. This is how “I have social awkwardness” turns into “I have social anxiety”, or how “I’m afraid of spiders” turns into “I can’t even look at a spider without screaming and flying across the room”.

Fear challenges us at its peak and its dips which can mean for some of our most trying times, but these trying times work by revealing what we truly do and don’t want. By experimenting with reality (which is always temporary), the good and the bad, we put more and more into our individual “vortexes” containing all of our wildest and wilder desires, furthermore creating more evolved minds and bodies.

The good news is that any time we experience something we don’t want, our inner beings (another way to term the subconscious mind) adopt an energy of the opposite. Our inner beings always always always know what we want because its always with us. Our inner being, our subconscious mind, does not focus on what we don’t want, our inner being takes on the very essence of what we desire.

Know your fear is completely made up.

Fear is a crippling emotion, and the funny thing is it is solely created in our heads. We can’t put the label “fear” on any single tangible object, and yet we are so afraid of fear itself that it keeps us from carrying out our desires.

Stop the snowball before it keeps rolling.

Through understanding and habit, we can transform fear into something else preferable. Once fear appears, it’s present and kind of hard to ignore. Wave the white flag with fear by recognizing it; the beauty and the flaws and embrace both to transform fear to mold it more to your advantage.

It’s helpful to know that every time a fear manifests itself, new details of our desire opposite to that fear is being put into our vortexes. We all must have some pretty enormous vortexes, then, waiting to be realized. This vortex of desire we all possess is as tangible as fear, yet it manifests itself in different ways in the “real” world, just as fear does. This means we are able to manifest what we desire as surely as we are able to manifest our fears.

Did you read that?? You have the natural ability to focus into existence anything you desire just as easily as you can manifest fear in this moment that is now.

We were talking about our worries and fears, though. Which is exactly what we should stop doing if we want to eliminate them. But first, one must identify a fear before transmuting it.

By completely abandoning the habitual thought pattern of “I have social anxiety” and releasing our identification with it (by not mentioning the words, observing social anxiety as separate from us, & replacing it with thoughts that reverse that anxiety), it surely disappears or the Law of Attraction is cow crap (it’s not). By recognizing and appreciating fear for the pure focusing that it forces us to do, we can transform it to work more to our advantage.

Mmmk…. that would be all rainbows and butterflies but,

How do we reroute this fear?

Some amount of fear is healthy. It helps us in true fight-or-flight situations, so it isn’t in our highest good to rid ourselves of it completely, but there is little room for fear in most day-to-day circumstances. It’s all about finding the balance, like all things in life.

Organize your Mind

Are you worried about what others think of you, scared they judge? Remembering that they DO judge, just as everyone does as a part of natural survival, will help ground you. Whatever you do, people will have something to say about it.

Our jobs are to focus on ourselves; what others think of us is none of our business. Abandoning the thought pattern that concerns itself with what other people are thinking of us releases the desire to control the thoughts of those around us (which has a tendency to influence us to change our behavior).

We break the chains of fear through understanding. The harder part is remembering every time that comes up, but this will get easier with practice.

Affirmations are perfect tools for this because they work by rewiring our beliefs to reflect the life we truly desire. When you hear something enough, you start to believe it. We can use this to our advantage by repeating kind things to ourselves.

And we repeat things to ourselves all the time anyway, so may as well do it right.

We are affirming to ourselves every day, all day, positively or negatively. Why not choose which story you want to tell about your life? After all, you are the writer, director, producer, and admirer of your own life.

As long as your affirmations are consistently accompanied by a positive feeling that matches each, and your trust in the universe are strong, you WILL see your desire manifest into reality. It’s already a done deal. If we can focus on fear and create more of it, then we can focus on faith in our affirmations and create more of it just as surely. After all, faith is what makes this world go round.

I don’t believe we ever will or should become invincible to fear, but we can drastically reduce it.

When I’m in a new city outside of my own country, I usually stick out like a sore thumb. With flaming hair and light skin which contrasts what people are used to in the tropics (where I usually prefer to travel), it’s difficult not to stand out. So naturally, I sometimes feel uncomfortable until I remind myself: these people are me, in another form. They just want to be happy and healthy, just like me. We aren’t so different in the end. We all begin and end this world with our essence and our essence alone, and this thought is comforting to me & it completely replaces my fears.

Everyone wants the same things — love, happiness, freedom. It’s not me against them. It’s me against me. Us against us. It’s me for me. Us for us. By feeling separated from those around us, we separate us from ourselves. We are all connected, we are all one working organism, and we all are inherently worthy of love, happiness, and freedom.

This type of thinking is powerful in anything you’ll do in life. Fear is the goalie to freedom. Our job is to break that fear barrier and let in our liberty.

Too long, didn’t read? Here’s a sum-up:

~ Understand your fear: any single negative thought vibration we’ve ever had has become and is becoming more through our focus on it (thanks, Law of Attraction). It energetically peaks and dips just like a roller coaster gaining and losing momentum.

~ Know fear is a made-up emotion. It’s manufactured, packaged, and exported all in our heads.

~ Starve the negative thought vibration by cutting it off completely. Quit thinking about it and…

~ Replace it with a more preferable thought; a consistent, emotion-filled affirmation (I got you started here).

~ Find your fear balance. Know when it works for your highest good and when it doesn’t.

After all, it’s much more fun to spend time creating the story we want to tell rather than being forced to tell the one we had no intention of creating. Where focus goes, energy flows. It’s law 🙂

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