Colombia’s Pueblo of Paradise – Jericó

Glowing under the sun in the middle of a mountain ecosystem, Jericó, Colombia has everything it needs to have sustained the village for the last 150+ years and many more to come. Clean river water bisects the town’s lush landscapes, allowing for sparkling clean and tasty tap water. Fruits and flowers are abundant, colors are on […]

Biscayne Bay ~ Florida’s Secluded Jewel

Whether it’s a school field trip through the trees, or a family boat ride around the keys, Biscayne National Park near Miami is a peaceful and secluded jewel of Florida that has something for everyone. Entrance to the park is complementary, allowing visitors to enjoy the park’s nature in exchange only for time & calories. […]

Mother Nature’s Stadium ~ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

With acoustics and a backdrop only our planet herself can create, Red Rocks is the perfect venue for activities that light your earthly desires. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is utilized daily for countless activities; anything from yoga & meditation to concerts, running, obstacle courses, reading, writing, stargazing, eating, even tailgating! The possibilities are endless […]

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