Ways to Make a Remote Income

Have you been baited by words like “financial freedom” & “location independence”? Do you want to travel the world making beach towels and cozy AirBnBs your office? In these days we call the internet age, a steady remote income is a lot easier to make than you may think. By “remote income”, I am referring to […]

The Most Effective Ways to Learn A Language

Whether you’re looking to become fluent in a second tongue or master your inner polyglot, here are the most effective ways to learn a language.   1. Create a picture in your head of new words (the sillier, the more memorable) rather than translating them to your own language. Words come out much faster and more […]

What To Do in Jericó, Colombia

There are countless reasons to see Jericó, Colombia, and a million things to do in this gorgeous town that doesn’t even currently exist in guidebooks, but a million won’t fit in a blog post, and you guys probably wouldn’t read it anyway. So I took the top nine and wrapped it up for you with […]

Why Colombia? Here’s 14 Reasons

For any and all travel plans; whether you’re passing through for a week or two, or plan to start a life abroad,   1. It’s inexpensive. I dare you not to feel bad paying $5 US for a coconut lemonade and the delicious dish of coconut rice, plantains, salad, and wild-caught fish you can get anywhere […]

Villa Vizcaya

  Businessman James Deering didn’t leave a corner of his 20th century estate untouched by his lavish taste. The mansion sits on many acres of thriving plant life, all serving as a makeshift museum. The furniture is antique & the inside architecture was created with an old Victorian-like image in mind. He enjoyed his contemporary […]

Mother Nature’s Stadium ~ Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

With acoustics and a backdrop only our planet herself can create, Red Rocks is the perfect venue for activities that light your earthly desires. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is utilized daily for countless activities; anything from yoga & meditation to concerts, running, obstacle courses, reading, writing, stargazing, eating, even tailgating! The possibilities are endless […]

Best Foods for Your Best Thoughts (Travel Style)

There’s no more doubt. Our gut health is linked to our head health. What we feed our bodies determines how we feel throughout the day. Feed your body right and you feed your soul right. I realize not all of us hug trees and eat plants all day, but for those of us who do […]

Your Hostel Starter Guide to Miami Beach, FL

I spent a good portion in Miami hostel hopping, beginning with the desire to see what South Florida had to offer and ended up discovering the magic Miami makes for those who let it in. A word of caution: Miami can be heaven or it can be Hell. It all comes down to who and […]

Packing List

  It’s worth noting that my backpack was 50 pounds plus at the beginning of my travels. I like to be “prepared”, but keep in mind the health of your back and neck when packing. Neck kinks are not fun. Adjust based on gender, planned activities, climate, and amount of time traveling.   (**Italicized words […]

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