The Power of Happy

The Power of Happy

Where is your zone?

Some call it “Flow State”. Some call it “Peak Human Performance”.

Described as feeling so far away from life on Earth, yet so close. So deep into your soul spirit doing something you absolutely love and are dedicated to.

Have you ever looked at something you created and thought, “did I just do that?”?

You must have been dabbling with the power of happiness.

Since the dawn of time, we have existed with an emotional guidance system. A guidance system of some sort is true for every being on this planet and is true for humans.

Pretty basic: stay away from what you don’t like, keep to what you do like.

Do what produces happy feels and avoid what produces the bad. It’s simple, but somehow time and environment has changed the beliefs of people and made identifying and abiding by that emotional guidance system much more evasive.

As humans, we like to play telephone and share secrets until they are convoluted and skewed from the original, but we don’t notice as it is passed down from generation to generation.

A belief is truly just a thought that has been thought enough to become a habit, and when something is taught to you and that is all you know, how can you help but believe it?

There is a momentum to this game of telephone.

Many people, including myself, have learned from their parents and surrounding environment to prefer to focus on reality because we think that’s all that’s there. Then, we’re told to focus on the positive so we try to do that too, only to find ourselves back to where we started, constantly fighting an uphill battle to be positive, yet still focus on the reality in which we live because “we’re just being realistic”.

What’s the point of that again?

Right. Realism. When it’s already been proven through countless studies, workshops, novels, etc. that we create our realities with our thoughts through the Law of Attraction—it’s just a matter of getting the word out—why should we focus on what we don’t like in a situation we can change by taking our attention off of it?

By viewing the issue positively and manipulating it to reflect a better light, you receive exactly that – a better light.

Sometimes the universe feels super nice and decides to gift you a literal view:

Even more, why should we focus on what is depressing us when telling stories about what could be—no, what will be—could be the termination of depressive thought patterns?

That’s usually what those negative thoughts center around, right? Interpreting what’s in the now and misunderstanding it; construing it negatively in a way that’s consistent with the beliefs of most human beings in these modern societies.

As long as we are aware, we’re well on our way to eliminating the negative and leaving room for the positive.


What’s the point, though?

Think back to the times you were happiest.

Think about everything that happened during and around those times and notice how they correlate to your mood.

Notice how good feelings bring more good feelings. Notice how good feelings bring good things. Then good feelings about those good things bring more good feelings and more good things.

If you don’t find a way to squash your beautiful manifestations with thought patterns that do not similarly match the way you’d feel if you had your desire (like thinking “large sums of money come from hard work only”, or “there’s no way I can find a soul mate because there are too many people on this planet”), you start to climb that impossible hill again instead of riding your way down it with no effort (by thinking things like “abundance in money is everywhere, for everyone’s picking through all sorts of means that don’t always have to do with hard work”, or “there are lots of soul mates out there for me out of all the people existing on this planet”).

It takes more work to think a negative thought than a positive one, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like that, does it?

Sometimes it feels like it’s so familiar to think the negative thought because you’ve done it for so long.

Just like it’s hard to correct your tennis serve to be more efficient when you’ve learned one way and have been doing it for your entire tennis career. Your serve feels right, but that tennis ball could be flying higher, farther & faster with just a small but powerful correction.

I spent years upon years thinking about everything in my life in a “realistic” way. I saw everything in my life that I created and just kept reacting to it like it was out of my control. I had heard of and watched the movie The Secret but it never resonated much because with so little experience in the world, I didn’t truly believe it down to my core subconsciousness. And some beliefs are the die-fighting type.

If you haven’t seen the award-winning documentary, The Secret, it talks about the Law of Attraction—how like attracts like in all things.

Thoughts attracts similar thoughts which, in turn, create things. The movie explains in greater detail about how the magical and sometimes arduous adventure we take on this planet can be and is being molded by our thoughts, both collective and individual, whether we believe it or not.

I don’t know a single person who isn’t delighted by this idea when thinking of all of the possibilities, and all of those I have met who have watched the movie are firm believers after looking back on their own life and their beliefs about something before certain occurrences matched them.

I used to see the world as having a fixed reality, something I can’t really mold or manipulate.

After all this Law of Attraction talk and constant studying, sometimes I feel like I’m a unicorn and I’ve just fallen down the rabbit hole into this beautiful abyss of my own creation.

Then things truly become real.

Once you have belief in front of you and behind you and all the way through you, you become invincible in what you can accomplish.

Once you have this knowledge, you take back your personal universal power.

Careful what you wish for though: once you actually acknowledge and believe that you are both the player and the controller in this video game we call life, your manifestations start to come faster and faster.

Words don’t teach though, so you’ll have to try it for yourself. Test the universe with the small stuff and see what happens. Ask to see a pink balloon in the sky, trust, let go of your resistance saying it’s not possible or logical, and be appreciative in the moment, and watch it appear.

One thing they don’t touch so hard on in the movie is how your mood affects your ability to create.

You’ve got this long list of desires you can’t see.

Goals, wishes, ideas, an endless bounty of things that are there even though you can’t see them – just like viruses and protons and electrons are there and you know they’re there but you’ve never actually seen any of those in real life.

Or maybe you have. Or maybe, like me, you’re just taking humanity’s word for it.

You’ve got this swirling list of desires and ideas and plans, which you could call your “vortex” and it is always ripe for your picking at all moments. The only obstacle in your way is your thoughts which decide your mood and therefore, vibration.

The cherry picker (or coconut picker, if you wish) to your fruitful tree of manifestations is your ability to stay in that high-flying place of being happy long enough so that the Law of Attraction can bring you similar feelings through manifestations of your desires.

A coconut palm is tall and requires significant thought in order to pick the coconuts. The same applies vibrationally.

Haven’t you ever gotten to that certain specific place and been delivered your wildest desires, filled with every single thing that you wished for and then some?

Haven’t you ever been delivered something so perfect and extraordinary that you have a hard time doubting there is some higher intelligence that helped it come into fruition? It kind of makes you ponder what’s out there, invisible to our human eyes.

There are endless ways to be in this state of being that delivers to you what you want, specific to your personality and desires.

If you love to dance, that’s where it’s at.

If you love to crunch numbers, that’s where it’s at.

If you love to swim, that’s where it’s at.

Anything you are doing which helps you to feel “in the zone” is what brings you the manifestations, from thoughts to things, that match your feelings and bring you what you wish for as long as you believe it in your core.

The trick is doing it for the fun, not for the manifestations. When we care about the way we feel, our manifestations kick into overdrive.

Thinking about what other people are thinking of you immediately takes you out of that high-flying place. Same with any thought vibration that makes you feel like your balloon has deflated, even just a little. But again, words don’t teach, experience does. See for yourself.

Even if all of this wasn’t true, what’s the point of going back to the thought patterns we used to have? Where real is boring and it only changes when it wishes to and not when I ask for it?

I wouldn’t do go back to my old ways of always and only observing what is real and neglecting thoughts of what I can do about it. I wouldn’t go back to thoughts like that because I was chronically depressed, worrying about what could be and not forward-thinking about the bounty that awaited me in the future that is everything I could ever wish for and more.

What’s the point, when life is incredible, intoxicating, addictive, imaginable, and unimaginable in this natural way of viewing the universe?

This is why it’s so important to follow our passions. This is why I am so passionate about others finding their passions.

This is why it feels so incredible to be in the zone.

When you are so in the zone, you are positively contributing to collective consciousness. You are contributing to the vibrational improvement of yourself and the Universe.

You put things on your tree of manifestations and pick them when you are in the best vibrational place to find them. You are offered the matching cherry picker to your fruit when you match the vibration of that fruit. All in result of your thoughts and feelings.

If you want to open your own restaurant, imagine the feeling of owning your own restaurant.

If you want a glob of money, match the feeling of having that money or spending it on something.

If you want a killer body, match the vibration and experience already being there.

When your beliefs match your desires, you will receive it, by the laws of this thing we call “reality”. As you doubt the universe’s power and your own, and as you doubt the importance and worthiness of yourself to receive your desire, you slow your cherry picker the heck down and make picking that fruit impossible until the cobwebs have cleared.

It’s imperative to the fruition of your desire to stay in that high-flying happy place and maintain the awareness of your worthiness. Literally thought by thought and you are moved into and out of the vortex. A part of life of course, but it always feels better to soften resistance.

Maybe a Spring cleaning is in order! Minds need a maid too 😉


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