The Drift Inn ~ San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

On a tropical island about thirty miles long, in the heart of the town of San Pedro lives The Drift Inn. The island is stocked with plenty to do as it’s surrounded by the largest living barrier reef in the world (superseded by the Australian Great Barrier Reef – slowly dying by global warming).

Joined with The Sandbar Hostel, this hostel-style Inn is within easy walking distance to major supermarkets, gift shops, cafes, mini-markets, and the beach, of course, which is just steps away from your room.

The rooms are clean, air conditioned, and simple, and each bed is complete with small comforts like an electrical outlet and privacy curtain. The beds are comfortable and I’m amazed they’ve found a way to make the wooden bunk beds sturdy enough not to squeak, a rarity in hostels around the world.

Lockers are big enough to put plenty of valuables inside, maybe not your whole suitcase, but more than enough room for the essentials. The bar and restaurant belonging to the joined hostel is cozy and almost always filled with people looking for either the party scene or more simple relaxation.

If you’re on a backpacker’s budget, or just wish to make your dollar go further while maintaining your comfort levels, The Drift Inn will take care of you.

I’m a fan of the little details. Things like soft sheets and tasteful art; like mini pools and beach views. The Drift Inn has all of this and more to make your stay on the island convenient, affordable, and accessible to do what you want to do.

While The Drift Inn provided my accommodation, all words are my own honest opinion and observations to help my readers enjoy their stay in San Pedro, Belize.

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