Ways to Make a Remote Income

Ways to Make a Remote Income

Have you been baited by words like “financial freedom” & “location independence”? Do you want to travel the world making beach towels and cozy AirBnBs your office?

A steady remote income is definitely possible. That being said, nothing of great value ever comes “easy” in my experience. So if you want it, you’re going to have to fight for it.

For all our sakes and for your own, make it something you truly love. Your energy will be much better spent practicing your passions and it will give you the energy to fight, because you’ll know it’s what you truly want.

By “remote income”, I am referring to jobs that don’t require your physical presence to get paid. These are the types of jobs you can do with your computer. Below is your guide to making a living while traveling the world (or your house, for all you home-bodies).

~ If you’re good with a camera and have a portfolio of some sort to show, look at businesses online (AirBnbs, hostels, small hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.) in need of good photos and ask for a fair price in exchange for quality photos.

~ Sell your photos on Shutterstock, Foap, Getty, etc. These are some of the most popular, but there are plenty of others to pick through.

~ Create and sell an ebook on something, anything you’re good at. It’s actually way easier than you think these days with self-publishers like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

~ Broadcast yourself live and talk to people through apps like live.me and Twitch. If people like you and/or your talent (which could be anything from eating a slice of pizza to belly dancing in a hula hoop), you can recieve gifts and even get paid.

~ Participate in paid focus groups. Many people will pay you for your time in studies involving groups of people. Studies can involve your presence or it could be just a simple phone call or online survey. There are thousands across the internet so it’s advisable to research company reviews beforehand.

~ Make and physically (as in, not online) sell artisan crafts like jewelry, journals, shoes, bags, wire art, art made from palm leaves, whatever you think people would enjoy. I’ve met a good amount of people along the road who do this successfully and live comfortably from it. Everyone loves a good piece of art!

~ Freelance write/web design/copyright/graphic design/etc. remotely for companies with content mill websites like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. Or, if you prefer a more personal approach, contact companies directly that are hiring and pitch some good ideas for them. Or, for a different approach, there are also contest websites and pay-per-read platforms where you are paid for the amount of people your article reaches. Publish0x is one such platform that will pay you in crypto, based on readers and tips.

~ Submit stories to websites like BuzzFeed and List Verse. Plenty of businesses take stories and articles from people who have no experience writing professionally. They just want a good story. At (often times) a hundred bucks a pop or more, it could be worth the time & competition.

~ Dropship products. Advertise and sell goods or services that other people are making.

~ Flip websites, flip articles, flip anything online. This means taking something that could be much better by applying your expertise. Don’t have any website design skills? Think out of the box. You could flip a hotel’s social media page and improve their sales reach, or offer to polish a restaurant menu’s translation. The opportunities are endless.

~ Scour Craigslist-like gigs. Many countries have classifieds websites like Craigslist that list paid gigs around the area you’re traveling. Some people spend their days searching for and performing gigs (or small jobs) like dog-walking, lawn-mowing, gardening, photography assistance, and so much more.

~ Sell something with inventory you don’t need to touch (like your travel photos) on Shopify or Etsy or your own website.

~ Be a social media ambassador for a business. Market their products or services in exchange for commission.

~ Review businesses in exchange for their good or service.

~ Start a blog. Get paid through affiliate links (links to products for a pay-per-click or commission base pay), sponsorship, advertising, products, etc.

~ Polish restaurant menus. Services offered could include editing, translating, and re-designing. This could be a great gig because there is an insane amount of restaurants all over the world and almost all likely benefit from expanding their audience reach.

~ Open an online store and sell designs on merchandise like T-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, etc. using fulfillment services like Printful or Zazzle.

~ Teach English (or your preferred language) online. No, you don’t necessarily need a college degree to participate, just a TEFL certificate.

~ Teach or tutor a skill online through websites like Skillshare.

~ Be a transcriptionist. Use content mills like Freelancer or Fiverr to transcribe audio into a word document. If you prefer a little less competition and/or you are still in the process of building your portfolio, use a specific transcription service like TranscribeMe.

~ Be a mystery shopper. Many organizations like Gigwalk will pay people to collect information about products and services near you. Yes, you can get paid to shop!

~ Create a brand, grow a following, and use ads to make money. Relevant & popular platforms include (but are not limited to) YouTube, Instagram, and/or a personal blog.

~ Work in customer support for a company that allows you a remote position. Uber, for example, is a good choice if you like to travel, enjoy helping people solve problems, and wouldn’t mind some transportation rewards.

~ Get sponsored. No, you don’t have to be insta-famous or a blogger, necessarily. Opportunities for sponsorships are endless and they’re a dime a dozen. Open your mind to the possibilities and have fun with it! This blogging couple was offered a job by Snagajob.com to travel and work in all 50 states and it only took a single email to get.

Another idea is to pick a product, service, or general company you’d like to represent. For example, Chacos Sandals sponsored a couple’s trip to all 59 National State Parks. Use the talents you were given and think big! You just might get it.

~ Test websites. Lots of websites out there need people like you to test their website and get paid to find bugs and glitches. Here’s a great article to check out if you want to go down this rabbit hole.

PRO TIP: It’s wise not to spread yourself too thin with the jobs you pick from above. Choose one or two to start with and develop the skills to take your income to higher levels than if you picked five and developed them all in the same amount of time.

Freedom from the matrix is possible: it takes guts, a little elbow grease, and a healthy drive for financial and emotional independence. I’m trusting these ways to make a remote income has got your brain cooking up something good. Now go be free, little birdie!!

This list is being frequently updated with new ideas, so what did I miss? How do you make an income online?

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    Excellent article. I’m planning to buy a laptop to increase my income. So that when I go away from home, I can still earn money.

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      What a helpful article. Thank you so much for taking the time to share these with us. The links were appreciated as well.

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    Mystery shopping. Lots of road warriors out there using the following apps: Gigspot, gigwalk, field agent, Presto Insta Shops, Isecretshop, just to name a few.

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