Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Ways To Raise Your Vibration

When was the last time you were manipulated or caught someone in a lie? Do you remember how it felt?

Each one of us has the drive to fulfill our needs and make ourselves happy daily and consistently. If we don’t, our needs will meet themselves through deception and manipulation of those around us. And who plans to do either of those? I’m guessing not you, if you clicked on this article.

We fill our cups so we can live happy, deliberately manifest our desired reality with more flow and ease, and leave the world better than we found it.

One doesn’t have to necessarily do anything to make him or herself feel good. All it takes is a bit of focusing and finding better-feeling thoughts. Most of us know what a simple shift in perspective can do for someone.

Easier said than done, right? Here are some ways to get your momentum going:



First thing’s first:

~ Quit chasing it. Trying (horrible word to use when we want to manifest something – it implies lack which attracts more lack) to be happy while in the process of believing we don’t have it will just hold ourselves in that vibration, and maybe even send us backwards if the negative emotion is strong enough. Focus on letting the feeling of chasing something go, and inviting a feeling of relaxed contentment in. Daydreaming our desired future is the perfect antidote.

~ Be present in nature. Make the connection with the Earth and the silence will speak to you. “Grounding” is a good way to do this. It has been discovered that the Earth has a certain frequency, and by connecting our bare skin to the bare ground, the Earth can help raise our vibration back up to hers. Hey, she’s not called Mother Earth for nothin’.

~ People watch.

~ Be mindful. “Watch” your thoughts and see what insights come.

~ Move your body. Dance like no one is watching and preferably when no one is watching. Get competitive with a friend on the tennis court, join a volleyball team, stretch during a good yoga session; anything to get your body moving and the happy hormones flowing.

~ Tell someone you love them.

~ Give something to someone. You don’t need to go out and buy a present; in fact a big bear hug or some kind words can be more effective than tangible gifts. As long as it’s coming from a loving place, it counts.

~ Drink water. Sometimes a sour mood is simply due to dehydration.

~ Sit with your feelings, good or bad. It’s helpful to be aware of our emotions so that we can shift them, if we decide.

Sometimes resistance to our feelings is what feels more uncomfortable than the actual feelings. This was a profound light bulb that when it finally came on for me, it changed everything. Each of our feelings are there for a good reason, and the negative emotion likely means we’re looking at things from a narrow point of view, which sends our exit sign out of view.

Try shifting your perception to a higher one, so that you can see your situation fully for what it is: a neutral circumstance that is separate from you as a person and being. Relax in that clarity and allow an answer for the issue to reveal itself.

~ Build something. You may surprise yourself with a masterpiece to share and a huge sense of achievement. Not to mention future opportunities your creation will bring.

~ Talk about mutual desires with your friends and family. Revel in what your imagination can bring to you, especially when others are involved and know that those visions are shaping your future reality.

~ Learn something interesting. We are born learners and teachers from the beginning until the end, and this sort of thing should be enjoyable, so pick something that resonates.

~ Eat your favorite healthiest food and revel in the taste. I say healthy because a chocolate cake is gonna make us feel good when it’s in our mouths, but chances are the side effects are going to lower our moods later on. Healthy food like asparagus or broccoli is mind-blowingly delicious when prepared to our individual tastes (sautée it crispy with some garlic, salt, and olive oil and I will ALMOST forget about chocolate cake).

~ Take any passion you have and do it with full force. Give it your full presence. Release thoughts of future mistakes you could make and just roll with the punches.

~ Do something with good friends. It isn’t so much about what you do as who you’re with.

~ Get out your thoughts. Sometimes the best way to release emotions is to speak or write out them. Vent to someone you trust, film yourself talking it out, write about it in a journal, cry about it! Anything to release that energy, because it’s meant to come out somehow, with or without your help.

~ Read a good book. If you’re not a bookworm, watch a good video or listen to someone talk about something that excites/interests/calls you.

~ Find a good view. Add a sunrise or sunset and some munchies for optimal enjoyment.


I’m sure I missed some! There are millions of ways to raise our vibrations, and each of us has our own collection from which we can choose. This list is growing so let me know what I left out! How do you raise your mood?


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