Ways to Make Money With A Blog in 2018

Ways to Make Money With A Blog in 2018

To write about your passions full-time is the dream, isn’t it? To spend your life focusing on something you actually enjoy and get paid for it? There is nothing comparable to the feelings and opportunities that can come from that.

Door after door opens with every single word you write; the opportunities are a dime a dozen–in the blogging industry, especially. Writing is the easy(ish) part. Organizing everything and setting yourself up to make money from it? Therein lies the challenge. But as they say: nothing worth it ever came easy, and blogging is no exception. The good news is you’ll find that the climb is and should be a fun one.

The joy is in the journey, not the destination.


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Below is your guide in ways to make money with your blog in 2018.


Sell your own products.

Some examples include:

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– eBooks

– Products

– Coaching

– Tutorials or recipe books

– Art


– Jewelry

– Merchandise around your personal brand

– Music

– Software

– Photos



Sell products for other people.

There’s this beautiful thing called affiliate marketing. You don’t need your own product or service, just as long as you have an audience to broadcast to. Many companies will accept your partnership no matter your blog’s size.

Affiliate marketing is selling for other people, only instead of fulfilling the orders yourself, like with drop shipping, you get a commission by creating content centered around the product or service you are advertising. Some quality examples are Bluehost web hosting service and Amazon Associates.


Sell (or exchange) your services.

Examples include:


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– Photography

– Photo & Video Editing

– Teaching writing or blogging

– Instagram Influencer Training

– Business or Life Coaching

– Graphic Design



– Copyrighting

– Marketing

– Programming

– Financial Services




These all could be paid jobs, but please do not underestimate the power of work exchange! Many (quality) hostels, hotels, restaurants, and other services are looking for situations in which they can provide their service in exchange for yours. This is how I got a few different stays at some beautiful hotels in gorgeous locations (pictured below).

Just think: you could help a new spa get publicity using your blog just by writing reviews on a massage and facial they provide without charge. The best part is, you and the “employer” get to set the rules, and usually this means you get to receive and give perks you otherwise wouldn’t in a paid situation.

This type of arrangement is NOT just for those who need money. A lot of times these situations are way more fun than a paid agreement, not only because you are both benefitting in unique and substantial ways, but also because it is extremely liberating to pay for things with your talent over your money. Once you experience work trade for yourself using your own services, you’ve just opened up a huge doorway to opportunities everywhere. Your mind is your only limit, so keeping it wide open will attract more opportunities into your experience.


how to make money on your blog
Kantarrana Casa de Campo Ecohotel (?Jardín, Colombia)


how to make money on your blog
Hosteria La Valdivia (?Jardín, Colombia) – click the picture for their website



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how to make money on your blog
Kolibrí Hostel (?Pereira, Colombia) – click the picture for their website


Make videos and sell them.

How to Play the Guitar, or How to Draw, or even How to Make Money While Traveling are some examples that may or may not be saturated with content, so think about expanding (or narrowing down) on topics and adding your own twist that will benefit people.

The possibilities are endless. Take examples from yourself: what kind of tutorials were you looking for at any point in your life? What are you really good at that others aren’t, but would like to be?


Charge for access to updated and valuable content on your website.

Services you could offer include any of the mentioned ones above, organized in a page or “library” type format.


The possibilities to monetize a blog are endless and the list is still growing with the Internet Age. The more value you give and the farther your reach, the more value you will receive in return.

I’m sure your own life has taught you in some way that what goes up must come down. Similarly, what goes around comes back around. This doesn’t just apply to a ball thrown in the air. If you give and people are willing and open to receive, you will be repaid with proportional abundance. It’s proven science 🙂

Smartblogger.com makes a great point: Ask yourself “What can I offer people that’s worth 10X what I charge?”

Answer that, deliver on your promises, and watch the money roll in.


A note on Sales Funnels:

Sales funnels work by providing free and valuable content to readers, building trust and obtaining their email in exchange for more free content (like an eBook, software, video course, etc.) and then later down the line sending product offers for people to purchase. This is one of the best ways to make money in the blogging industry, no matter your niche, and it can all be automated by computers managing your email list and recommending pages to users based on what they read on your blog.

I won’t go into sales funnels here; that’s an article in and of itself, but it is worth it to think about and research a bit for when you are ready to take on that sleeping giant.


This list is frequently being updated with ways to make money with a blog in 2018. Did I miss something? How do you have an income from your website?


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