La Gruta Restaurante & Bar – Jericó, Colombia

La Gruta Restaurante & Bar – Jericó, Colombia

What I ate:

Colombians have all sorts of names for traditional dishes and I almost never know what to order because there are so many, so I let my friend from El Saturia, a coffee shop near where I am staying in Jericó decide:

Beef–I know I sort of vouch for vegetarians, but it’s worth noting that I have heard Jericó treats their cows very well, feeds them adequate sunshine and good grass, and they look like the happiest and healthiest cows in result–yuca and potato with tomato sauce, white rice, and a salad.

What I loved:

The traditions. Not just in the embellishments and decorations, but in the local customers and the fooooood! Seriously, La Gruta has food straight from a Colombian mother’s kitchen; I died and went to heaven when I tasted the buttery soft yuca with tomato sauce.

The beef, potato, and yuca were covered in a light tomato sauce. The white rice was left white, and the avocado was the perfect touch to the salty side of the dish. The sweet was the salad dressing atop lettuce and repollo (cabbage).




What could have been better:

I’m a girl who loves color, and there definitely could have been more here, given all the wood this place was sporting. Jericó is known for its colors, as well, so I was surprised.

Really, that’s all I got on the bad stuff. It was a delish dish with great company. Located on the street next to the big brown church at the plaza, next to the “bus station” (which is more of a bus street) of Jericó, check out La Gruta if you’re looking to get a local Jericoan vibe and quality food.


This meal was kindly provided by La Gruta, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are my own!

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