What To Do in Jericó, Colombia

What To Do in Jericó, Colombia
A hundred Jericoan traditions in one picture

There are countless reasons to see Jericó, Colombia, and a million things to do in this gorgeous town that doesn’t even currently exist in guidebooks, but a million won’t fit in a blog post, and you guys probably wouldn’t read it anyway.

So I took the top nine and wrapped it up for you with pretty pictures. Here are the top things to do in Jericó, Colombia to pack your itinerary full of unique experiences only Jericó can provide:

Las Cometas Hostel

The first hostel to be opened in Jericó and it’s the only one you will ever want or need for all of your travel needs. The colors, fruit trees, and the neighboring church are the first things to invite you in, and the coziness along with the host/mom’s hospitality is what will convince you to stay. The location and price is great for backpackers and digital nomads exploring this beautiful country. Rooms are spacious, secure, cozy, and clean and many unique tours are available. You’ll have a hard time leaving! I decided to stay for a while to help grow the hostel with my writing in exchange for accommodation. They are always looking for talent for work exchange! Make your reservation with this link to benefit from a $20 discount for the both of us or head to the website to book your stay.

Las Cometas Hostel, photo by Jorge the hostel owner :)


El Murro del Salvador & El Jardín Botánico (El Salvador Hill & The Botanical Garden)

A tranquil and expansive garden managed and kept clean by the town, go to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature’s finest. It includes a pond and several paths to explore the area. Go a short walk further up the hill and you’ll find El Salvador, a statue of Jesus on the cross, in front of which one can see for miles.

Overlooking Jericó from El Murro del Salvador


Parque Natural, Las Nubes (Natural Park in the Clouds)

A natural and well-kept park growing into the clouds. Go during sunset and your mind will be blown. There are plenty of different angles to view the 360 degrees of the rolling mountain landscape surrounding this jungle village. Jericó used to have a cablecar leading from El Murro del Salvador to the park for those who wanted to skip the uphill hike, but lack of funds have left the abandoned cable car another unique piece of its history.


El Saturia Coffee Shop

If, like me, you’re tired of the watered-down Starbucks and you’re in desperate search of an authentic cup of coffee Colombians are famous for, El Saturia is the place. The atmosphere is friendly and open, the seating arrangements are comfortable and inviting, and the owner has made a name for himself in the town as one of the only shops to provide coffee tours with over 30 coffee farms in addition to showing how the coffee is made and letting customers make a legitimate cup for themselves in order to replicate the process at home.


Rio Piedra

A river in the middle of Jerico which has a trail leading further down the way. Fruit trees are abundant on the trail leading to what seems to be nowhere. Start at the entrance next to the town’s hospital. Just come prepared with good shoes and bug spray. You don’t want to end up actually using the hospital.


5 Museums & 17 Churches

I’m told there are five museums in Jericó at great entry prices, along with 17 beautiful churches in a town of only 12,000 people.

I checked out the old house museum built just a decade after the town was built so long ago. It houses gorgeous and invaluable decorations from all over the world, along with traditional stoves, handmade feather-sewn blankets, and beautiful lamps and tables made of marble.

La Gruta

Decorations straight from the Colombian handbook, colors plucked from the endless rainbows you’ll see above Jericó, and the food is delicious and made with Colombian traditions.

White rice, potato, yuca, salad, avocado, and beef


La Cascada Arcoiris (Rainbow Waterfall)

Yep, you guessed it, there’s a gorgeous arching rainbow hugging the steep rocky waterfall. Las Cometas Hostel offers an inexpensive tour to this place, including transportation and a real, honest Colombian meal from a nearby farm overlooking the falls. The views of the lush river valley are magnificent. The gorgeous birds, bugs, and fruit trees are plentiful and many are ready for harvest at virtually all times of the year. This place is best enjoyed on sunny days as the falls are situated in the clouds and the rainbow isn’t visible unless the sun is out. Words and pictures really can’t do this place justice. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Heads in the clouds on our way to the waterfall…


Tour a Coffee Farm

I took a tour with the farm El Saturia uses for it’s coffee, one of 32 that owner Juan Carlos employs for his coffee shop to distribute to customers. Sitting among rolling hills of Colombian’s fertile countryside sits the small farmhouse and it’s endless acres of well-cared for plants for harvest. Gabriel, the farmer in question and his wife Estela, took us through the coffee process, as explained very soon in a review article :) There were so many reasons to fall in love with this land and family and it was too easy to feel relaxed and worry-free in their company. Their house is as humble as their personalities and they seem to be provided with anything they could want or need in this life. Gabriel and his wife tend to the land perfectly and the land easily tends to them.

I found myself saying “pura vida” a lot just because of how naturally homey and accommodating I found the farm and its owners to be. Tour the grounds and the LOOONG coffee process (it takes up to a year just for one cup of coffee!!) and you will be that much more appreciative of a cup of delicious organic coffee made by yourself! I know I will never look at coffee the same. The farm is almost always looking for work exchange to improve the grounds and the family loves to get a taste of outside perspectives.

Coffee beans drying in the sun…

Taking the shells off the coffee bean, photo by Maxime (click the photo to check out his blog)
All you need is love.. Even the trees know that!



Fly through the coffee mountains of Jericó, about 20-30 minutes for around $52 USD. A friend from Las Cometas Hostel went; check out his video here

Horseback Riding

I think you may have caught on already that everything in Jericó comes with a spectacular view. Riding horseback is no exception. In fact, I got to witness some of the best views of my life in the outskirts of town.



Jericoanos take pride in the work they do to preserve their old town, the community inside, and the immaculate surrounding nature so all of us can keep enjoying its beauty. The people of Jericó are welcoming of those who wish the same for the pueblo :) Jericó is paradise to anyone who lets it in!!

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