Why Colombia? Here’s 14 Reasons

Why Colombia? Here’s 14 Reasons

For any and all travel plans; whether you’re passing through for a week or two, or plan to start a life abroad,


1. It’s inexpensive.

I dare you not to feel bad paying $5 US for a coconut lemonade and the delicious dish of coconut rice, plantains, salad, and wild-caught fish you can get anywhere on the coast. Colombian Peso conversion rates are as follows (provided by xe.com as of November 2019):


 Colombian currency conversion

Click the image to see live conversion rates.
$5 full meal by the sea? Yes, please ??



2. Every type of landscape is available.

You’ll find islands, mountains, jungles, snow, valleys, jungle-mountain-valleys on the beach, and everything in between.


Taganga, Colombia



3. Delicious food.

From giant bowls of rice, plantains and meat for $3 to impeccable fruit salads and smoothies for a steal…



The best papaya and banana of my life. (Palomino, Colombia)


4. There are endless variations of culture.

People’s beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets change as readily as the city you’re in.


Little Colombian man enjoying his ice cream soup by the beach (Taganga, Colombia)



5. It has great weather.


Like Spring? Medellín is for you.

Partial to the heat? Cartagena is your best bet.

Prefer the cold? Head to Bogotá.


6. It’s got colorful wildlife.

The birds come in every color, bugs and butterflies of every size and shade of the rainbow, and flowers paint the trees in every city.



7. It’s still experiencing the calm after the storm.


Isla del Rosario, Colombia


In 2016, President Juan Manuel Santos was given the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating peace with FARC, a rebel group that most of Colombia didn’t want to negotiate with. Santos found a way to make peace and happiness Colombia’s dominant military forces, allowing the space for Medellín and countless other cities to reverse Colombia’s reputation of being one of the most dangerous countries in the world.



8. Creative people.

There is art everywhere: on the outside of buildings, on the sidewalk, inside homey coffee shops. Every city is unique in it’s art culture, including Guatapé, the city known for it’s colors and artistic trim outside of every building and the giant rock overlooking the city.

Guatapé, Colombia

 guatape travel

9. Happy people.

Colombian culture varies with the latitude, but one thing that doesn’t change is the overall attitude. Many are happy, healthy, and hard-working.


Santa Marta, Colombia


10. Endless out-of-this-world things to do and see.

You won’t get bored when you can visit remote islands, swim with bioluminescent algae, see some of the worlds tallest palm trees, and watch a rainbow river sparkle under the sun.


Cartagena, Colombia


11. It feels free.

Colombian government definitely uses and enforces its laws, but the police I encountered were friendly, especially if you’re a tourist giving back to their economy. Rules and laws are based around a happy and healthy lifestyle for all, given their past with violence and drug trafficking. Colombia takes care of it’s people, and the people take care of Colombia.


12. Coffee and Chocolate.

Colombia is known for these delicious two and locals make it like their life depends on it – and in most cases, it does. Coffee and cacao are two of Colombia’s main exported items which come from the famous coffee region in the mountains.


13. The fruit.

With mouth-watering mangoes and papayas that are ripe and buttery-delicious year-round, it will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re looking for something even sweeter, panela (which is the raw form of sugar cane processing it into white sugar) will take on your cravings.

Many Colombian cities even have fruit tours because of the sheer amount of exotic fruits that are native to Colombia, like the selection here:



14. Clear Spanish.

Colombia is said to have some of the cleanest Spanish accents & most don’t speak English, so you’re kind of forced to learn; the perfect recipe for learning any language.


Medellín, Colombia


So just go! Colombia is calling…

What did I miss on this list? How have you enjoyed Colombia and what was your favorite thing to do? Hit the comment section to reply or send me an email at hailey@freedom-mindset.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Hailey,

    Awesome stuff.

    Columbia has been signing to me, for a while. Speaking to me.

    Time to think about a trip. We really have nothing lined up for next year so I’ll have to consult with the travel agent – aka wifey – and see where we are headed.

    One of our good friends is Colombian American – fam from Cartagena – and he raves about the country, and after reading your post, I can see why.

    Had no idea the exchange rate was so favorable too.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hailey says:

      Hey Ryan,

      Everyone I’ve met has fallen in love with this paradise! Definitely recommended. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE, especially for us bloggers 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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