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In addition to writing for my own blog, I enjoy helping travel-based businesses I believe in improve their online presence and gain more business. As a result-oriented writer, artist, and digital nomad, my goal is to help people travel more and improve their lives and livelihood along the way.

Establishment Review

Through word-of-mouth via my website and other social media platforms, I can help your business thrive in one of the most effective and lucrative ways of advertising: organic traffic on the internet.

If this interests you, the following details what is offered…

What you’ll get:

  • An article detailing and reviewing your establishment in an honest, detailed, and overall positive way (if I have picked your business to review, your business fits with my audience niche and I will be honest to my readers while inspiring them to visit your establishment when they travel to your location).
  • High quality photos of your establishment.
  • Publication of the article review on my blog.
  • Publication of the article review on my blog’s pages across the internet.
  • Publication to major websites such as Reddit and Facebook in response to travelers in my niche looking for places to stay in your area.

*I ask to see all rooms and have access to all basic amenities extended to paying guests in order to curate an accurately honest review.

Painting and Design Services

I offer my services for mural paintings, brochure designs, business cards, and other travel-related artistic content you may desire to improve the aesthetic of your enterprise.

You can view some examples of my work here.

Customized Social Media Services

As the internet grows, the travel industry exponentially grows with it. This year, more and more people are traveling as Instagram becomes THE platform to represent businesses of all types. With a single free post, the number of people that post has the potential of reaching is almost limitless, as there are now over 1 billion users on Instagram, announced by Instagram in mid-2018 (source).

Growing up around technology and running my own social media presence (to view, click here), along with research and garnered experience, I have the advantage of having a good handle on how to represent a person or business and what makes them great.

The goal of this service is to help your business attain more high-quality online traffic so that your business can improve and expand, gaining you more customers and inspiring more to return.

With your custom Social Media Bundle, I offer:

  • Set-up of Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter for your establishment.
  • Consecutive posts on Instagram with engaging and insightful content specific to your business and it’s location. Posts will include…
    – a nice photo representing either your business, your location, things to do in the area, travel inspiration, or anything else that flows in alignment with the results you are aiming for.
    – an optimal number of 14 – 18 relevant hashtags (tags that help your business connect with users with the potential of becoming clients).
    – a caption that is insightful and relevant to the selected photo and your business and/or location.
  • Engagement (likes, follows, comments, etc.) with niche-specific Instagram accounts to get the word out about your business.
  • (Optional) High-quality photos of your business and the area in which you’re located.

*All of these services are offered during the length of time upon which we both agree.

Custom Article

Some hotels and hostels I have helped have requested I create an article that would help guests have a better stay at their establishment and therefore improve their overall experience. Some examples of articles include:

  • Top Things To Do In Bacalar, Mexico
  • Best Restaurants In Denver, Colorado
  • Our Favorite Tours In Jericó, Colombia
  • Fun Facts About Belize

If you choose, you’ll be able to post the article I create for your business on your own website with credit to me and my website. I will also post it on my own website, including “article written on behalf of (insert your business name here)” and a link to your establishment, if desired.

If my services are something from which you believe your business would benefit, please contact me at or through any of the social media links listed on this page.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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