The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

This was once said by Nikola Tesla, the creator behind the radio, free energy, and over 300 other patented products that changed the way the world works and communicates.

Tesla became famous for his inventions, all said to have been created in his mind before touching materials to build them. He went over every possible thing that could go wrong in his head first so that he could maximize his time and create impeccable tools for the world to use.

Nikola Tesla might have been one of the smartest men on Earth, but one thing he and the rest of us have in common is our minds. We all have the ability to invent things and work through issues before even lifting a finger to build. Especially if we remember to set specific intentions beforehand.

Below I lay out the power of intention and how to set them so that you can attract more miracles and surprises to change your life for the better.

Abraham Hicks Quote

If we create our reality with our thoughts, emotions, and actions, then it makes sense to deliberately direct our thoughts in useful ways so that we feel good and act usefully on the feelings that come as a result. This allows us to create a more harmonic life in alignment with our ideal reality.

When is the best time to set intentions?

If we want to be successful in creating an ideal reality or situation, it’s important to set intentions when we feel balanced and calm because via the vibration we are acting from, we create more similar vibrations.

Vibration” is just another way of saying how we feel. It’s usually a subtle feeling felt throughout the body, or manifested in less subtle ways, like tingles, clenched muscles, a shiver, or a long sigh, among many other signals our bodies give us without our conscious control. The stronger the vibration, the stronger it can be felt throughout the body, good or bad (though this is also relative to how you yourself are able to sense feelings throughout your body, from the most subtle to the least).

As one feeling–or vibration–comes, the next and the next and the next are very similar to each other. It’s through thought, emotion, and action that these vibrations change.

Jumping from despair to deep joy is a challenge not easily accomplished, so the idea is to climb our way up or down the emotional scale with a steady pace.

Emotional Scale

By setting intentions, we can deliberately aim our thoughts to more positive places. It just takes knowing what we want and setting our minds to it, literally.

Why set intentions?

If our thoughts create feelings which create actions which cause things to happen in our lives, positive and negative, then it stands to reason that intentions are extremely powerful.

Setting solid positive intentions is a gift you give to your future self; something no one else can provide. It’s the difference between a day filled with stagnant, slow energy, and one filled with positive change and smoother interactions, among so much more.

Setting intentions creates more happy thoughts, more good feelings, and therefore more good feeling results. With this cycle comes important momentum that can help change the course of our entire lives.

Intentions help us create with a clear mind. They can help us achieve any goal. They can help us be reminded and stay focused on what’s important to us.

Without an intention, we sort of stumble around working towards a goal without a mind map to work from.

With an intention, we are clear in our desires, so much so that we put them on paper to write, which means they’re important enough to put down in plain view; in plain focus.

What can we use intentions for?

Intentions can help with anything and everything in life. There is truly not an area in our lives where our thoughts can’t help us create more accurately.

If you’d like some ideas, start with relationships, money, your body, confidence, eating/drinking habits, general feelings about life, your living situation, or addictions.

If you believe your thoughts have a hand in creating your reality in this universe (and if you have gotten this far reading then chances are you have at least a shadow of belief), then you are well on the way to creating an improved reality.

And if you believe that in directing those thoughts is where your power lies, then the next question is how?

How to set intentions?

It is super important we “prime” ourself before beginning to set intentions, so that we can come from a relaxed, mindful, and calm place and continue with that mindset while setting our intentions.

Before starting, do something that feels good. Anything that gets you to a relaxed and balanced state.

For example, one of my favorite ways is writing myself there; getting thoughts out, negative or positive, laying them where I can see them, and changing my perspective through words. For you it could be writing, going for a run, swimming, getting a tan, meditation, etc etc.

It really helps to prime ourselves before setting our intentions; we must make sure we are feeling good to a point where we can enjoy the intention-setting that we’re doing. If it’s not enjoyable, come at it from a different angle, or find a whole different intention altogether that feels more in alignment with what you want.

After preparing your mental state, get clear on what you want. Be as specific as feels good, and make sure what you’re focusing on is truly what you want, because the idea here is that you will get it.

Then create a vision in your mind around your intention. Incorporate the feelings of desired emotions, sights, smells, taste, noises; sensations of any and all sorts. Have the vision be so clear that it feels almost real.

When our vision is clear in a goal or intention, the subconscious mind takes that focus, goes to work on it and builds it’s momentum through more related thoughts, feelings, and actions via the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction, which is working at all times in all moments, dictates that where focus goes, energy flows. So, as we are focused on something for over 15 seconds at a time (approximately – some believe it’s more like 14 seconds, others believe up to 17 seconds as this number is incrementally decreasing with time), our subconscious mind routes our thoughts to that automatically.

This is how intentions work. It’s not hard, either. All it takes is an acknowledgement of a desire, and a clear focus on that. In fact, it’s counterproductive to work too hard to achieve an intention.

Pushing hard for something to happen in our lives backfires because of the vibration we are giving out when we are focused on that desire. By wanting so much and pushing hard for it, we are acknowledging that we don’t have it yet, which results in a negative feeling/energy/vibration, which creates more of that and it’s physical results via the Law of Attraction.

Think about it… where are you struggling? Is that coincidentally where you are working and pushing hard to make it happen?

This is why it’s important to take a relaxed approach. Soothe your vibration before setting any big goals, especially the ones you don’t believe are possible, or you will accidentally create a negative feeling, and therefore negative action, if you believe you can’t have what you want.

By the way, you can have, do, or be anything that you want. I’m not just saying this to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I really truly believe this works because of all of the fairy tale-like experiences that have happened to me as a result of setting my own intentions.

In writing this article I trust you will use this power for the highest good of yourself and others, and if you use it for bad, well then I trust that what goes around comes around. 🙂

Love the thought of setting intentions, but can’t stand the thought of writing them down? Create your intention into a piece of art, or speak it out loud to yourself or into a voice recorder. You can even think it in plain words or images in your head. Or go for a walk, yoga practice, or bike ride and center your thoughts on your goals. Let your imagination run wild with that focus and magic can happen.

The secret sauce to a well-set intention = the clear intention itself + feeling good while thinking about it + believing it’s possible, not necessarily how that intention is expressed.

Really there are tons of ways to express our intentions, and the one that feels best to you is the best way to express yours.

As you get more practice in writing feel-good intentions, you will allow guidance from your emotions more and more efficiently. When something feels good to think about, it’s a good sign you’re on the right track. When something feels bad to think about, then is the time to get less specific in your desire or create a different one altogether.

Like anything else in life, the more practice you get with intentions, the more neural connections and muscle memory is built and the better you will be at creating your reality the way you want it to be.

Out of over 7 billion people on planet Earth, this knowledge is something a small fraction get exposed to. So many wander through life not knowing how to create a better reality for themselves.

I feel fortunate to have stumbled across something that has changed my life so intensely for the better, and I share this knowledge with love and the intention that my readers benefit as greatly as–or greater–than I have.

Now go make your own luck 🙂


How will you set your intentions? I’d love to hear from you.


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